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Daily Calendar for Friday, May 26, 2023

Question of the Day

What did tornadoes sound like before there were freight trains?
The freight train is the all-purpose simile. Old accounts likened the noise to β€œ10 million bees” or β€œ1,000 cannons.” Perhaps listeners on the Great Plains were reminded of buffalo stampedes.

Advice of the Day

To more easily recork a bottle of wine, insert the cork upside down.

Home Hint of the Day

Always pull a glass cutter swiftly and continuously along the line to be cut. Never go over the same cut twice; that dulls the cutting wheel and blunts the taper on the inside of the first cut.

Word of the Day

The fear of hurricanes or tornadoes

Puzzle of the Day

What city was made by time and labor?

(When the letters of the words β€œtime” and β€œlabor” are combined in a certain way, they spell β€œBaltimore.”)


  • Al Jolson (entertainer) –
  • John Wayne (actor) –
  • Jay Silverheels (actor who played Tonto” on The Lone Ranger TV series”) –
  • Peggy Lee (actress) –
  • Sally Ride (astronaut; first American woman in space) –
  • Julianna Rose Mauriello (actress) –


  • Victor Herbert (composer) –
  • Sydney Pollack (actor & director) –
  • Earle H. Hagen (composer; whistled the tune for The Andy Griffith Show) –
  • Art Linkletter (radio and television personality) –
  • Ray Liotta (actor ) –


  • Smallpox epidemic in Boston, Massachusetts–
  • First public elevator at Eiffel Tower opened–
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average was published for the first time–
  • Archaeological Institute of America incorporated–
  • Boat of Pharaoh Cheops discovered near Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt–
  • The host of NBC’s Today Show, Dave Garroway, announced his plans to retire from the show–
  • Canada and the U.S. signed the Pacific Albacore Tuna Treaty–
  • Millions of frogs forced closure of Egnatia Highway in Greece–
  • For a few days beginning around this time, Galveston, Texas, shores had abnormally blue water due to a change in ocean current–


  • A tornado hit Oakwood, Ortonville, and Thomas, Michigan–
  • Long tornado—damage trail said to extend 293 miles—struck Mattoon and Charleston, Illinois, approximately $2 million in damages–
  • Tornado left 155-mile trail in central Illinois–

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