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Did Jonah cry when the whale swallowed him?

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A boy undertakes to put something in a playmate's left hand which the playmate cannot possibly take in his right. What is this?

If you a sour fruit transpose, a very sweet one 'twill disclose.(What word fits the first clue, but when rearranged, fits the second?)

What subject do witches like best?

What reptile is the most mathematical?

At evening by my whole you'll think of days gone by, and never reckon that of my second, my first is made, and by my first my second.(What’s the word? Each clue is a syllable!)

Why are dudes no longer imported into this country from England?

Six-eighths of a discoverer, a preposition, and a vowel.(Use these clues to find the three "words" that, when combined, form the name of a flower.)

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