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Cloud Shapes 5: What Do You See?

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Heidi Stonehill
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For the past four months, we’ve shown you photos of clouds that might remind you of a certain object, character, or creature. This month, we decided to be a little different.

You’re looking at a typical “mackerel sky,” so named because its wavy striped pattern resembles the markings on certain mackerel fish. This photo was taken from our Almanac office in Dublin, New Hampshire; you can see the church steeple next door and the American flag in our town center.

Several proverbs are related to this weather phenomenon, including:

Mackerel clouds in sky,
Expect more wet than dry.

Fish and clouds, however, aren’t the only ones that sport this striking design. Can you name one or two others, animate or inanimate? Share your thoughts below!

Thank you, and happy cloud watching!

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