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The 1952 Utensil Diet

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This diet from the 1950's cuts down on more than just carbs.

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Do the words “low-carb” and “fat-free” have you wishing for simpler times and less complicated meal preparations? 

This diet from the 1950’s cuts down on more than just carbs. Instead of avoiding certain foods, eliminate the utensils.

“Cut down on your silverware, and you’ll cut down on your weight,” promised Woman’s Day magazine in 1952.


Eat a fairly substantial breakfast but set your place without a knife, so you can’t spread butter or jam on your toast.



Have only soup or sandwich, easily eaten without a fork, and you won’t be able to indulge in macaroni, sausages, or chocolate cake.



Dine on an apple, grapes, or crackers and cheese for dessert and take your tea or coffee without cream and sugar; no spoon needed.


What do you think? Ready to try the “knife, fork and spoon” diet concept. Hmmm … What will they come up with next?



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