2016-2017 long range weather Forecast for U.S. and Canada

Including Winter Forecast 2016-2017

December 11, 2016
Long-Range Forecast 2017 U.S. Map

The 2016-2017 long range weather weather forecast summary for the U.S. and Canada, courtesy of The 2017 Old Farmer’s Almanac.

There have been many almanacs over the years, but there’s only one Old Farmer’s Almanac—North America’s biggest, best-selling, and oldest almanac since George Washington’s time as president of the U.S.!

For 225 years, we have been forecasting weather with amazing accuracy at times. Our historical average rate for “forecasting the direction of temperature and precipitation from normal” is 80%. In every annual edition, we publish our accuracy from the year before, good or bad.  See how we predict the weather.

General long range weather 2017

Get ready for a shift from last year!  For the winter of 2016–2017, we expect temperatures to be much colder than last winter but still above normal. Winter 2017 will also feature below-normal snowfall overall; the snowy exception is the northern tier of the U.S., which can expect to be blanketed in white.

  • Winter will be colder in much of the eastern two-thirds of the nation. Exceptions will be in a swatch from North Dakota to Maine, which will have below-normal temperatures. Most of the Pacific states will have below-normal temperatures, with above-normal temperatures in the Intermountain region and Desert Southwest.
  • Snowfall will be above normal from southern New England and western New York southward through the Appalachians, but not in northern New England. Snowfall will also be above what’s typical from eastern Minnesota to the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan and southward to St. Louis, Missouri; and from central North Dakota westward to the Pacific. We expect below-normal snowfall in most other places that normally receive snow.
  • Precipitation will be below normal across most of the southern two-thirds of the nation. However, precipitation will be above normal in the North, with the primary exceptions being above-normal rainfall in northern California, southern Oregon, portions of the western Lower Lakes region, and Florida. With rainfall below normal in most of California, the drought there will continue.
  • In Canada, brace for more snow and colder-than-average temperatures throughout most parts of the country. The exceptions to the winter of white will be Manitoba, portions of Saskatchewan, and northern sections across the land. While snowfall will generally be below normal in these areas, temperatures will remain chilly


Keep in mind that The Old Farmer’s Almanac predictions are made well in advance. The forecasts are meant to give readers a general sense of what kind of winter is expected, compared to past winters.

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long range Forecasts Only?

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is so much more than the weather forecast, however, if you ONLY want the weather, just click here for INSTANT ACCESS to the 2017 long range forecast by region.


The 2017 Old Farmer's Almanac


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Will we be getting a hot summer? Global Warming is a fact rather than anot uneducated guess. We need to take better care of Mother Earth. Mars is not the answer!!!

hot summer?

The Editors's picture

Hi Jack, from the Yukon! We presume you are asking about the summer in Alaska. Our forecast for the state, weather region 17, is for cooler and a bit wetter than normal conditions this summer, with the hottest period in mid-June. In the meantime, enjoy these long days. You folks must surely appreciate the midnight Sun more than most!


Almanac weather predictions

the Farmers Almanac got it 100% wrong in their forecasts. Completely ignoring the influences of one of the strongest El Niño patterns in history they only proved what most people in meteorology already know.... There is nothing scientific about the Almanac's methodology and when the do get it right it's only because they got lucky.

Weather forecast for 2016

Weather for June 10th to 12th 2016


Why are predicted snow totals for a given storm always all over the place? I'm speaking of TV weather predictions that vary wildly. "Boston can expect 12 " of snow versus "Boston can expect 2" - 4 " of snow". High tech gadgets like never before, and all they give us are possibilities. Grandpa's aching knee was an as good or a better indicator of the weather!

Snow totals

The Editors's picture

Hi, Anne, We can not speak for TV weather forecasts but we have noticed, as you have, that often snow totals vary widely—before and after the snow event. There are probably as many reasons are there are forecasters, but consider this: A change in the wind direction or strength can make a difference, as can a change in the amount of moisture in the air. Technology can detect snow “bands,” areas of snow that show up on certain radar/satellite views that indicate especially heavy snowfall; as a result, a forecaster may adjust his prediction of how much snow to expect in a very specific area (you can see this on TV forecasts). There are many more factors that play into snow totals, too. TV is not our bailiwick, so we have only a pedestrian knowledge of this: we walk into the TV room and watch, just like you and millions of others.

When all is said and done, we hope you get the weather you want!

Winter Weather

I'm going to guess that the Farmer doesn't take El Nino into consideration.

El Niño indeed!

The Editors's picture

Hi, Sara, Yes, we do take El Niño into consideration when making our forecasts. However, in considering it last March, when the forecasts were completed, we didn’t think it would develop as it has and so dominate the winter. (This goes to show that while “you can’t fool Mother Nature,” she can fool you!) That said, it’s too soon to calculate our accuracy for this winter; it’s not over!

We hope you get the weather you want!


Love Farmers almanac....

weather report

weather report

Weather Region

Is there a site I can go to to type in my zip code and see what Region number I am in.
In your almanac it looks like I am right on the border of 3 Regions

Long-Range Weather by Zip Code

The Editors's picture

Yes. If you go to our long-range weather page and enter your zip code, it will take you to the appropriate region. Here’s the long-range weather page: http://www.almanac.com/weather/longrange

Weather predictions

Boy you were off this year!

weather info

weather info

Persimmon seed

Is the persimmon seed tell a fact or is it a old wise tale.

permission seed

The Editors's picture

The predictive powers of the permission seed are considered folklore. Most folklore contains a hint of truth but folklore is often regionally-based so truth may be a nebulous thing! Here’s our page on predicting weather with permission seeds.


What is the weather for October 29th in mayfield ky

winter weather

Hi. Am wondering what your forecast for Central Illinois? I live in Peoria, IL. Thanks.

Winter weather

How much snow is estimated to fall this winter in Pennsylvania near the MD/PA line?

the weather

why is the weather so crazy snow in the west and warm raining in the north east

Northeast Ohio

What will be the weather be like in northeast Ohio for 2015 and 2016?

Eastern Oregon weather for 2015 winter

What is the weather prediction for 2015-2016 winter in northeast oregon

I am interest in buying 1

It tell me when i can plant my flowers and where there are good places & spots to go fishing and want know how the Weather is these comming months and it tells me alot.

Thank You Preston Fisher


When will we see our first snow fall of the year?

Charlotte Metro Area

Charlotte Metro area in NC has had the drought covered in just the first two weeks of October. Can you please tell me what we should expect as far a snow goes for our winter season?
Thank you!


Wondering what average snowfall should be and when for indiana near fort wayne

2015-2016 Winter Weather Hint

While waiting for my almanac, any chance of getting a hint of what the 2015-2016 winter will be for MD, DE and VA will be?

southern oregon

will we get in on the rain expected to hit california this winter

What is the weather

What is the weather prediction for Halifax, Nova Scotia ?