2016-2017 long range weather Forecast for U.S. and Canada

Including Winter Forecast 2016-2017

December 11, 2016
Long-Range Forecast 2017 U.S. Map

The 2016-2017 long range weather weather forecast summary for the U.S. and Canada, courtesy of The 2017 Old Farmer’s Almanac.

There have been many almanacs over the years, but there’s only one Old Farmer’s Almanac—North America’s biggest, best-selling, and oldest almanac since George Washington’s time as president of the U.S.!

For 225 years, we have been forecasting weather with amazing accuracy at times. Our historical average rate for “forecasting the direction of temperature and precipitation from normal” is 80%. In every annual edition, we publish our accuracy from the year before, good or bad.  See how we predict the weather.

General long range weather 2017

Get ready for a shift from last year!  For the winter of 2016–2017, we expect temperatures to be much colder than last winter but still above normal. Winter 2017 will also feature below-normal snowfall overall; the snowy exception is the northern tier of the U.S., which can expect to be blanketed in white.

  • Winter will be colder in much of the eastern two-thirds of the nation. Exceptions will be in a swatch from North Dakota to Maine, which will have below-normal temperatures. Most of the Pacific states will have below-normal temperatures, with above-normal temperatures in the Intermountain region and Desert Southwest.
  • Snowfall will be above normal from southern New England and western New York southward through the Appalachians, but not in northern New England. Snowfall will also be above what’s typical from eastern Minnesota to the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan and southward to St. Louis, Missouri; and from central North Dakota westward to the Pacific. We expect below-normal snowfall in most other places that normally receive snow.
  • Precipitation will be below normal across most of the southern two-thirds of the nation. However, precipitation will be above normal in the North, with the primary exceptions being above-normal rainfall in northern California, southern Oregon, portions of the western Lower Lakes region, and Florida. With rainfall below normal in most of California, the drought there will continue.
  • In Canada, brace for more snow and colder-than-average temperatures throughout most parts of the country. The exceptions to the winter of white will be Manitoba, portions of Saskatchewan, and northern sections across the land. While snowfall will generally be below normal in these areas, temperatures will remain chilly


Keep in mind that The Old Farmer’s Almanac predictions are made well in advance. The forecasts are meant to give readers a general sense of what kind of winter is expected, compared to past winters.

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I'm very pessimistic about this upcoming winter

I live in Owensboro, Kentucky, and I'm concerned that winter 2015-16 will be just as harsh as the last two, so that would make a trifecta of intolerable tundra winters in 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16. Because February-March 2015 was unprecedented for its impossibly frigid temperatures and monstrously massive snowfall, does that mean February-March 2016 will be even worse? My entire state was a state of emergency twice after buried by heavy snowfall twice in 2015 (2/16 and 3/5). If that happened to my entire state twice in 2015, will that happen to my entire state thrice in 2016 (2/15, 3/3, and 3/15)? Because February-March 2015 was so bad, I can seriously tell that February-March 2016 will be even worse. I'm afraid February 2016 will be colder than February 2015 and March 2016 will be the #1 coldest March of all time. In fact, I even think March 2014 would feel like a gentle spring month compared to March 2016. In only four years have we all went from the #1 warmest March in 2012 to the #1 coldest March in 2016. So, am I accurate on my ultra-pessimistic predictions?

Whistler, will it snow in 2016?

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me your forecast for snow in Whistler/BC around early Feb 2016?

light green woolly worms

What does that mean as far as the upcoming winter. We always seen them brown to black, but they are light green this year. Does that mean a mild winter?

I want to cancel future Old Farmer's Almanac Collector's Edition

Cancel me.

Please call 1-800-ALMANAC to cancel.

The Editors's picture

Sorry were are unable to identify you from just this post.

Mid Atlantic forecast

I live in Maryland, what does the almanac say about the winter forecast for the Mid-Atlantic states such as Maryland?

Our local weather man is

Our local weather man is saying we will have a warmer and wetter than usual winter. Can you let me know what y'all think?

western kentucky

can you share what you think the western kentucky forecast might be for winter....last year we got 24.5 inches of snow in February/March alone..

thank you.

Feb2015 was bad, Feb2016 will be worse

I hope this means 49 inches of snow in February-March 2016 alone. A Frozen February like 2015 would mean an even worse Frozen February in 2016. Remember how the entire state of Kentucky was buried by well over a foot of snow from multiple winter storm situations and declaring more than one state of emergency in under a month? It just happened twice in 2015 (Feb 16 and Mar 5) and it's about to happen thrice in 2016 (Feb 15, Mar 3, and Mar 15). So yeah, Feb-Mar 2015 may have been a hell of a frozen nightmare, but please keep in mind that Feb-Mar 2016 will be even worse.

Missouri winter weather

What are you predicting for Missouri this year

You will have near-normal

The Editors's picture

You will have near-normal temps and below-normal precip. and snowfall. Coldest temps. will be in late Dec. early and late Jan. and mid and late Feb.


Idaho snows

There's some discrepancy btwn your map (wet & mild) and forecast above (colder & snowier than normal) for the NW. I ski in the mtns above McCall & Boise, ID, have relatives who want to join. What're our best bets?

Idaho is entirely in Region

The Editors's picture

Idaho is entirely in Region 13, Intermountain, and entirely within the map’s “mild, dry” prediction area. We are forecasting above normal temps with near normal precip in that part of Region 13 (below normal precip in the southern portion of the region). Snowfall will be below normal everywhere in the region except near Reno, Nevada. That doesn not mean that there will be no snow, merely less than normal; in fact, a few snowstorms are forecast for the northern portion of the region. See the regional forecase for details.

How much snow is expected in

How much snow is expected in Dresden,Ohio this winter ? I've already turned on my heat. Lol.

Savannah GA area

Hi, my husband has been relocated to Savannah GA and we are building a home. Unfortunately, things haven't been moving very fast and therefore will end up building during the winter months. I'm hearing from the locals that it's going to be a wet winter, which is not good for building. Can you please tell me what we are in store for from mid to late October to about March/April? Thank you!

Building in Winter Months

You should be okay for the coldest months. It shouldn't take over 2 months to frame your home. If it does, you may want to look closer at who is building and why they're so slow. By the time it gets colder you should have shingles, windows, doors in, therefore, the cold should and could only effect the outside structure such as wood, siding, brick, stucco, landscaping, etc. Everything else can be completed on the inside which you can use a heater and lights if needed. I would push now for this to be complete. For the inside always takes longer than the outside.

What should I expect this

What should I expect this winter for Franklington, NC, Washington, DC and Prince George's County, MD (2015-2016)

I've read the comments. I

I've read the comments. I didn't want to duplicate any questions. What about the winter in East Texas for 2015-2016? We checked the persimmon seed, but it showed the same as last year.

I live in , Southern

I live in , Southern Fairfield County in Connecticut (Norwalk). About an hour North of of NYC. Are we going to have a lot of cold and snow?

What about Indianapolis,

What about Indianapolis, Indiana? Tons of snow or just bitter temps?

what does winter weather look

what does winter weather look like for englewood n.j. 07631
nov. till march?

what does the weather look

what does the weather look like in Tampa Florida Febuary 2016.

What does the weather look

What does the weather look like in North-West Montana (Whitefish) during the first week of February 2016.

Also what are the forecast conditions for Central Colorado (Aspen) during the second week of March 2016.

what will winter be like in

what will winter be like in hartwell ga this coming winter season.

The weather in Hartwell, GA,

The Editors's picture

The weather in Hartwell, GA, is up in the air: Your area is very close to the line between cold and snowy and cold and wet. So it may come down to how hard Mother Nature blows the wind—whether the precipitation comes down as water (wet) or flakes (snow). One thing for sure is that it will be chilly, especially in December, January, and March. For more details, click on the community nearest you in Region 4 on this page: http://www.almanac.com/weather...

Hey how does the winter look

Hey how does the winter look for cincinnati ohio this year? I hope not a lot of snow I hope it's less snow then last year. I can deal with cold but not snow. Thank you very much!

Hey how does the winter look

Hey how does the winter look for cincinnati ohio this year? I hope not a lot of snow I hope it's less snow then last year. I can deal with cold but not snow. Thank you very much!

Hey how does the winter look

Hey how does the winter look for cincinnati ohio this year? I hope not a lot of snow I hope it's less snow then last year. I can deal with cold but not snow. Thank you very much!