2018 Garden Guide

By Ginger Vaughan
March 8, 2016
2018 Garden Guide

America’s favorite Almanac is proud to present the latest edition of the Garden Guide, an annual that is the go-to guide for how to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, heirlooms, and more in spaces big and small. 

The 2018 Garden Guide features tips on:

  • Gardening advice from 226 years of The Old Farmer’s Almanac
  • Growing great food: tomatoes, asparagus, rhubarb, onions, herbs, and more! 
  • Replacing a landscape with a foodscape
  • Edibles that you plant once, pick forever
  • Snack-size veggies, cocktail-ready herbs, citrus trees, and more in containers, pots, or decorative tins!
  • Tips for designing a garden path
  • Picking plants with pizazz: flower options that will add dramatic flair to any garden
  • Winners of our 2018 Butternut Squash Recipe Contest

…and more!

Request a media review copy of the 2018 Garden Guide by contacting Ginger Vaughan via email (ginger@quinnbrein.com) or at 206-842-8922. Please also feel free to use the media materials provided below. 


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Garden Guides

I am missing the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Garden Guide published by The Old Farmer's Almanac. I would like to purchase all 3-in paper copy. Thank you.