2019 Memorial Day Forecast: Is an Umbrella in Order?

Sun Will Shine in Parts of U.S., Others May Get Soaked

May 16, 2019
Memorial Day Sunset

Before stocking up on supplies for the long weekend, take a gander at The Old Farmer’s Almanac Memorial Day Weekend weather forecast to help decide whether a sunhat or an umbrella is in order! 

For the latest up-to-date weather information, see our 7-Day Forecasts. Or, to see how things were on a Memorial Day years or even decades ago, check out our Weather History tool. And don’t forget to check out our 2019 Summer Weather Forecast, too!

Memorial Day Weekend Weather Forecast

Thunderstorms Abound

Temperatures are climbing, but the wetness of winter is still hanging around for Memorial Day in many places across the U.S.…making itself known in the most dramatic way possible!

Thunderstorms are expected on or around the holiday weekend in the Appalachians, Ohio Valley, Upper Midwest, and Texas-Oklahoma regions. In the southern portions of the Southeast—think Atlanta—a thunderstorm is likely to put on a show at some point during the mostly-cloudy weekend.

The Deep South and Florida are in for a sultry and sweltering time, with alternating periods of thunderstorms and sun, and temperatures well into the 80s and 90s.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain will fall in the Heartland (with a thunderstorm possible in and around St. Louis) and the northern portions of the High Plains.

In news that will shock no one, rain is also expected in Seattle. Take heart Pacific Northwesterners: mostly sunny is on tap for most of the rest of the region, with The Emerald City even expected to register a rare glimpse of summer (amongst the clouds, of course!).

Lucky enough to be in Hawaii over Memorial Day? Well, it looks like the Islands will see partly sunny skies and a good chance of showers for most of the weekend. Most areas will experience temperatures in the 80s: pretty common for locals, but visitors might want to crank up the A/C to deal with the humidity.

Alaska, too, is in for some rainy periods through the holiday weekend.

Sunshine in the Skies

An outdoor BBQ will be possible in the NortheastAtlantic Corridor, Lower Lakes, and Intermountain regions, which will alternate between sun and clouds, but with very seasonable temperatures. While areas like Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Boston will likely be solidly overcast for most of the weekend, the Almanac isn’t seeing any rain, so start the briquettes!

The Desert Southwest, including areas like Las Vegas and El Paso, will be downright sizzling with mostly sunny skies and highs into the 90s.

Sun is also on the agenda for the Pacific Southwest, with isolated showers in the northern part of the region and sun in the south. 

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