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The Almanac Monthly

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For 221 years, as surely as the Sun rises in the east, the print edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been published annually—just as it will continue to be.

However, for fortunate users—like you!—of e-readers and -devices, this steadfast American icon is also available monthly as The Old Farmer's Almanac Monthly magazine!

As of today, you can purchase the Almanac Monthly in the iTunes store.  Very soon, it will be available on Kindle, too!

Once (a Year) is Not Enough!

Each edition of this Almanac Monthly contains feature articles on subjects that have defined The Old Farmer’s Almanac as a “calendar of the heavens” for centuries—topics such as astronomy, weather, gardening, nature and the outdoors, farming, food, anniversaries, and, of course, the calendar itself. After all, it’s the holidays and other significant events that make the world go ’round!

videoThe Old Farmer's Almanac Monthly magazine closely ties to the seasons and months. The weather updates will check our annual forecast against recent conditions and inform you about other seasonal weather phenomena.

What’s more, you’ll often find audio and video multimedia content within this Almanac Monthly, making it far more interactive and fun than plain printed pages.


Preview the Almanac Monthly

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We hope that you enjoy the Almanac Monthly! Please tell us what you like, what you aren’t crazy about, and what you want more of: We welcome suggestions from e-readers here.

We want to use the magic of this medium, combined with the Almanac’s unique blend of “usefulness, with a pleasant degree of humor,” to create the best e-experience possible!