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Garden Planner Testimonials—and Garden Pictures!

By Catherine Boeckmann
Raised Bed Container Garden With Tomatoes

Gardeners have spoken. The Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Planner is the best online Garden Planner on Earth, based on rating, reviews, and sheer number of users! It’s always difficult to brag, isn’t it, so we’ve simply gathered five customers’ testimonials—plus their beautiful garden photos! 

We were so excited that this gardening tool helped them, especially the beginner gardeners. We hope that YOU are inspired! 

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Garden Planner Reviews

Click below to open up each customer review! You’ll see their testimonial, plot layout, and garden pictures.

1. Garden Review by Angela F.

“We’ve just bought an old house in Prince Edward County and I’m new to gardening so I was so pleased to find this great tool! One of the few really sunny areas on our property is in front of our garage.

My partner built two very large containers to sit in front of the garage door. I filled them with tomatoes from both seeds and plants, along with basil and nasturtiums. We had more tomatoes than we (or, the neighbors) could eat!”

See Angela’s Garden Plan and Photos!


2. Garden Review by Christine

“I am thoroughly enjoying using your program to make my garden plans! I now have 3 plans for my three gardens and I really like the plant lists that are created from the plans. I have been keeping a journal of my garden since 2009, hand drawing my plans each year. Being a draftsman by trade, I enjoyed the tedious process, if only to dream of the results! Your garden planner is so wonderful that I speak of it to all gardeners I meet.

I graduated from Denver Urban Garden’s Master Community Gardener program in 2014 and therefore give back to the gardening community by teaching classes on ‘Getting Started‚’ of which planning out the garden is a big part. I always give a huge shout out to the Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Planner. I especially value the plant list which is produced. So many questions arise from gardeners about spacing and timing. The Garden Planner helps so much with those concerns.”

See Christine’s Garden Plan and Photos!



3. Garden Plan by Augustín

Augustín used the Garden Planner to create demonstration gardens to help Master Gardeners study different aspects of vegetable gardening, such as soil quality, pests, and companion plants. These gardeners, in turn, teach those in their own community!

“I love the planner, and all services that come with it (videos, email planting reminders, etc.), and have used it extensively.”

See Augustin’s Garden Plan and Photos!


4. Garden Plan by Allie

Allie wanted a kitchen garden right outside her door.  She planted all vegetables, herbs, and fruit that she could use in daily cooking—from tomatoes to zucchini and eggplant.

She also integrated flowers to attract pollinators and detract pests. 

“I am LOVING my garden planner. My Spring and Summer garden is doing very well. I plan on being a member for many years!!!”

See Allie’s Garden Plot and Photos!


5. Garden Review by Sol

Here is an amazing video shared by one of our Vegetable Garden Planner customers! It’s the lovely story about her first year of gardening.


Learn more about the Almanac Garden Planner. Try it out for FREE here!

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The Garden Planner goes WAY beyond design, though. We’ve done all the research for you, so that all the planting dates are tied to your zip code. We’ve even programmed how much space each crop needs and which crops grow best in the same bed. When you’re done with your plot plans, you get a free, printable garden planner! We even send you email reminders of when to plant what—and when to harvest! Wow!


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