The Best Vegetable Garden Planner Gets Even Better!

Free Garden Planner Trial for Mac and PC

By Catherine Boeckmann
December 19, 2018
Best Vegetable Garden Planner

The 2019 Vegetable Garden Planner is live—and it’s even better than ever! With our free Garden Planner trial, you can plan a garden plot right on your computer—whether it’s a square-foot garden, a raised bed garden, a kitchen garden, or any garden you can imagine. It calculates planting dates based on your local climate, shows how many plants will fit into a given area, tells you how many seeds you need, and more!

Start Your Free Trial!

Garden Planner for Mac and PC

Online Vegetable Garden Planner

The online Garden Planner also produces a printable planting calendar, sends you reminders of when to sow and plant, and even helps with crop rotation—telling you which plants to rotate to avoid pests. It’s easy to use, using colorful plant icons, and you can even create multiple garden designs if you wish. Overall, you’ll save time and have a more productive garden!

Plan Your Garden Plot and Layout

With over 250 plants and 100 gardening structures, you can easily identify the best positions for each plant and move them around until you get the perfect layout.

Get Planting Dates Based on Your Weather!

The Garden Planner adapts to your area, accessing over 5,000 weather stations.
Print your own personalized planting chart showing how many of each plant you require and when to sow, plant, and harvest them.

Make the Most of Your Available Space

The Garden Planner automatically calculates how many plants will fit in the space available, allowing you to easily see how many plants you can grow. Plus, it will show you how to rotate your crops throughout the year to maximize your space and your harvest!

Get a Planting Calendar With All Planting and Harvest Dates

​​The Garden Planner provides ideal seed-starting, planting, and harvesting dates based on YOUR zip code or postal code.

Twice a month, the Garden Planner sends email reminders of what needs planting from your garden plans.

Now Featuring Companion Planting 

We’ve spent months checking the evidence behind companion planting combinations to bring you the definitive guide to what really works! Add a plant to your plan, click the new Companion Plants button, and you can instantly see plants that benefit from being planted together. 

Companion planting has traditionally been a headache to plan, with conflicting opinions and complicated tables of information. Now you can plan in minutes what used to take hours. Let the Garden Planner advise you and enjoy the benefits of working with nature!

Companion plants

Free Growing Guides

We’ve added even more growing guides! Find growing information and browse available varieties for over 250 plants in the Garden Planner, including vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers.

Flowers and bulbs

The Garden Journal!

Bring your Garden Planner TO your garden. Over 3 years of development has gone into creating the most powerful and easy-to-use Garden Journal available in response to customer feedback. Keep track of your garden, upload photos and notes while you’re in your garden, check the weather forecast, record harvests, and set reminders for garden tasks. 

The best feature of all? The Garden Journal is a completely free addition to your Garden Planner account—and works on cell phones, tablets, and computers!



New! Pest and Problem Finder!

There’s nothing more discouraging than growing the perfect crop, only to have it fail at the last minute. We’ve created a comprehensive set of diagnostic guides to help you:

Identify what pest or disease is causing a problem.

Take Action to save your harvests.

Prevent outbreaks in the future.

Real advice, from real gardeners, to help prevent real problems!


Easy-to-Use and No Special Software

With the Garden Planner, you do not need to install anything special on your PC or Mac.
You’ll use normal, everyday functions such as “undo,” “copy,” and “paste.”
We also have video tutorials to show you just what you need to know to get the most out of the Garden Planner.

Free Trial and Low-Cost Subscription

The Garden Planner is completely free for 7 days—ample time to play around and plan your first garden.

Our main goal is to help gardeners who want to grow some of their own food! But if you like the trial, we hope that you will take advantage of the personalized reminder emails and planning features throughout the season.

Setting up your Garden Planner account is easy. No credit card details are required—and a subscription does not automatically start when your free trial ends.

If you find it useful (as many do!), the annual subscription is $29.00.

Hear from gardeners like you!  See 4 customer testimonials, plans, and photos here.


Garden Planner for Mac and PC

Online Vegetable Garden Planner

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Garden Planner

I have tried several times to start a free trial and each time it says that a activation code has been sent but still no code, yet when I sign in to start the planner it says i need to enter a activation code and shows that i have only a few days left to use the planner

No Activation Code

If you haven’t received an activation code, please check your spam and junk folders, as it may have gotten caught up in your inbox’s filters. If you still can’t find it, please fill out this form and we will help you out!

Can’t download garden planner on iPhone

I tried twice. Afraid I will be charged for three downloads if I try again. The app does not appear

garden planner on iphone

We’re not sure what to recommend here since it’s most likely an issue with the App Store or iPhone. It’s Apple who handles all the downloads from the App Store.  Perhaps try restarting your phone, then going to the app store and searching for the Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Planner and trying again.  Apple won’t charge more that once for the same app.

More than five garden plans?


I manage a network of community gardens and would love to use this product. However, we have more than five and I'm wondering if there is a way to make more than five plans without a second annual subscription. Please advise. Thanks in advance. B.

Almanac Garden Planner Software

Hi, Brian, A standard Garden Planner account allows for up to 5 plans per year, but also we offer alternative solutions such as Master Accounts for organizations working with customers or gardens in different locations. Please contact with details of your requirements and we’ll be able to work out the right solution for you.
Many thanks, your OFA editors

Tulips and other plants

What can we plant next to tulips in Zone 5. We are wanting to create a bulb bed with pupils but they last such a short time we want to have something in place to look good the rest of the year

Tulip companions

For your zone 5, some readers have suggested johnny-jump ups (violas) and old fashioned Wallflowers (plant in late summer). Blue irises are also so pretty, however, they overlap with tulips.


I have been told that if you dead an Iris it may grow again?

Growing squash from saved acron squash

I dried the seeds & planted them. They made beautiful plants & produced blossoms but no fruit. Am I doing something wrong or can't you get fruit from boughten fruit?

squash not fruiting

If you have squash blossoms without fruit, this  is usually a pollination issue. The bees need to pollinate between the male and female blossoms and sometimes lack of bees or poor weather can be an issue. You can alway pollinate by hand in the morning with q-tip. See our squash page for more information:

Printing manual

I found the manual for the app but I would like to print it out so I can follow along. Does anyone know how to print it out? I'm using an iPad.

Logging in to garden planner

It is really hard to find the login to the garden planner. I have tried all kinds of routes. Sooner or later I will find it because I do every time,but gee, why can't you make it easier? Thanks.

Sorry for the confusion!  We

Sorry for the confusion!  We’ll certainly look into making this easier.

For now, you can use the Start Garden Planner button at the top of the left-hand menu on this page:

It might be worth marking this page as a Favorite in your browser.


You can also click on the Start Garden Planner button on any email the Garden Planner sends you.

I am wanting to learn and

I am wanting to learn and grow anything and everything that I can in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Thanks

Free Garden Planner Trial

Great! This online gardening planner will offer best planting dates tailored to your location. Try it for free for 7 days and see what you can learn and do!  Click here:

Old design from last year.

I subscribed to the garden planner last year. I had a garden all designed and was wondering if it is possible to access it now? I was slow in getting my subscription in on time for this year.

Thank you,
Tim Delaney

Garden Planner Subscription

Hi, Tim, Absolutely! All Garden Plans are saved indefinitely, so you as the customer just need to log in to your old account and add a subscription and all your work will be there. You can then create a ‘Follow-on’ plan which will automatically copy your garden layout for this year and set up the crop rotation guidance.

We hope this is helpful!  See the Contact Us button on the Garden Planner page if you need any assistance from our team:

Best, the OFA editors

Tour visit tomatoes plantation

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am working with rural tomatoes farmers in Africa,I am here in Washington DC for the conference and I would like you allow me to visit your tomatoes plantation to gain experience

tomato flowers falling

Initially tomato plan grows well and started flowers .. But after few days they are drying andfalling down . there are many flowers on branches but i am afraid if they fall how tomatos will grow? What is to be done ... Giving water regulary to plant.
I am from india. First time doing garden tomato.

Tomatoes are sensitive about

The Editors's picture

Tomatoes are sensitive about the air temperatures. If the night temps fall below 55 or rise above 75 or if the day temps are above 90F the pollen becomes sticky and pollination can not occur. If the flowers are not pollinated, the bloom dies and falls off.

Go to our tomato page to read more about planting and caring for tomato plants.


I planted some potatoes in my tomatoes pots for the winter and the leafy vines are going crazy. What do I do with them now?

Wait for the potato plants to

The Editors's picture

Wait for the potato plants to flower. When they do you can carefully start digging in the soil to see if you have potatoes growing. Go to our potato page to read more about planting and care of potato plants.


I was just wondering if the

I was just wondering if the seven day trial is seven consecutive days?

7-Day Trial

The Editors's picture

Hi, yes, it’s 7 days from the day you activate your account.

When to clear last years dead garden plants in February?

I was gone most of fall and winter. My garden is full of dead pea vines and other dead plants . I don't want to clear it out on wrong day, as We will be planting different veggies and in different spots of our 3 garden plots.

The pea vines you can dig

The Editors's picture

The pea vines you can dig into the soil (they will add nutrients to the soil when decomposting) but do remove the other dead plants. There is no wrong day to do this.

garden planer software start. cannot remove text from plant symb

the help menu or training pdf does no cover how to remove the text from plant icon

one is sufficient per row

do you have a live helper for assistance?