Bird Sounds: Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing Calls

April 28, 2016
Cedar Waxwing

Here you can identify the sounds and bird song of the Cedar Waxwing. Compliments of The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Have you heard a Cedar Waxwing? Add your comments below. Be sure to let us know where you live or where you’ve heard this bird sound before!

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Cedar Waxwings

1st time siting in Houston, Texas. Thru my kitchen window, I saw about 40 fly in today and eat grape-like berries that were all over the ground from a tree. I grabbed my binoculars and was stunned at their beauty! It was exciting as I've have never seen this bird before. It was a real treat to see.

Cedar Waxwings

February 11, just had a half dozen Waxwings eating berries from one of our trees and then proceed to take a nap on our roof.

Cedar waxwings

I look forward to seeing these beautiful birds every year. I was delighted to see them this past Sunday, March 8, 2020. I am worried, though, the number that usually fill the berry bushes and trees has decreased this year.

Cedar Waxwing

our home is on the edge of State Forest. open and woodsy. Hearing the calls this year for the first time. Falls Village CT.

Cedar waxwings in Los Gatos CA

A large flock showed up today to eat orange berries...and drop them all over the patio

Cedar Waxwings in West Texas.

I had a group of Cedar Waxwing at my bird waterer today. I wasnt familiar with the breed but assumed they are migrating through. They were brown with pale yellow underside and a bright yellow tail. It appeared to have a small tip of orangish color on wing tip. The high pitch call also helped identify them.

Cedar Waxwing in Western Maine

Early February - I spotted several CW in an apple tree on an old farm. The frozen, fruity apples were still clinging to branches and birds were cheerily taking full advantage of the winter bounty. Also spotted American Robin.

We had them in our back yard

We had them in our back yard last summer. We live in upper North West side of Wyoming.

I had a flock of waxwings

I had a flock of waxwings visit about two weeks ago. They came every day for about a week and stripped all the berries from my four huge holly trees. As they were feeding on the berries the whole tree shimmered and shook. So fascinating to watch these beautiful birds. The visited us here in Wilmington NC year, also.

I don't see a play button for

I don't see a play button for sounds

There are always flocks of

There are always flocks of them in my silver maple tree in Mimico, Etobicoke, Ontario. Years ago when I had a loganberry tree in the back they swarmed it and gorged on the berries for about an hour and then all flew off.

i saw a bunch of them one

i saw a bunch of them one year drinking sap from my maple tree

I had some on my feeders

I had some on my feeders outside my kitchen window. Just once and they never came back. I live in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Me and my son rescued one in

Me and my son rescued one in Waterford, MI out of a 5 lane rd, may have been hit by car, seemed too dazed to fly. Took it home overnight n let it go next day. This was Sat., June 1, 2013. For now it's still coming to a flowering tree in our backyard. Beautiful bird.