Bird Sounds: House Sparrow

House Sparrow Calls

April 29, 2016
House Sparrow Calls by Peripitus via Wikimedia Commons

The cheerful chirp of a gentle sparrow brightens any day.

Photo by Peripitus via Wikimedia Commons

Here you can identify the sounds and bird song of the House Sparrow. Compliments of The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Have you heard a House Sparrow? Add your comments below. Be sure to let us know where you live or where you’ve heard this bird sound before!

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House sparrow

I live in North East maryland.. It lands on my window screen.. Lol.. Been hearing and seeing it alot..
Also have had some cardinals n hummingbirds.. But the hummers have left now its been 4 days...
Todays date

House Sparrow

I live in Westminster Colorado and I see many House Sparrows where I live. They love to stay in the pine bushes I have on my property. They are not very brave one of the sparrows has to get the food and then about 8 more will show up.

House Sparrow

I live in western Pennsylvania and we call the house sparrow spatzy here.

House sparrow

Have a lot of these , Live by a creek and have been feeding serval birds, ducks, Muskrat, and deer. Got a little snow this morning.

we had these lovely birds in our backyard

over the past two decades the sparrow population had gown down to such a limit ,that we hardly see them anymore in india.The rise of mobile towers and loss of their habitat may be the reason.I miss their chirp chirp sound.

Freeloading house sparrows

What I really hate about these house sparrows is that every time I see bluebirds checking out their recently put up bluebird house, there are always house sparrows with them, checking it out too. I'm determined to not allow them to takeover the house.

I love these fearless, clever

I love these fearless, clever little birds and their cheerful tweeting. I have various bird feeders in front of the glass door to my garden – in Germany – so that I can watch their antics from my living room and I'm amused to see that they've learned to hang upside down from the fat balls and peanut feeder just like the coal tits do. What smart little opportunists they are!

We have a very large

We have a very large community of these sparrows living around us. We live in northeastern Oklahoma. We keep bird feeders out and suet. They love both. I love to wake early in the morning and hear their sweet little song.

I grew up hearing the sounds

I grew up hearing the sounds of the common sparrow. However, 40 years down i hardly get to see them in india where i live, forget about hearing them. Its a sad end. The rise of the apartments/concrete jungle has ensured the disappearance of these lovely cute birds.