Earth Tides

By Bob Berman
June 1, 2009

Have you ever heard of an Earth tide? Like the oceans, the solid crust of Earth also moves to a lunar rhythm. While the seas rise and fall by a worldwide average of three feet daily, the ground oscillates by about 8 inches (scientists measure this with satellites). This mutation is not merely a surface phenomenon; the entire planet undergoes constant and complex rhythmic deformations.

What’s remarkable is that they’re so small. It’s evidence that our planet is incredibly well–built. To have a body as massive and as near as the Moon, and to have our planet changed so little by its presence, means that Earth is one of the solar system’s construction success stories.

Down beyond the haven the tide comes with a shout.
–William Sharp, Scottish writer (1855-1905)

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I am so greatful for the

I am so greatful for the information you share. Absolutely everything moves with the moon. This magnificent planet is to be loved dearly each and every day.
Thank you so much,

The forces of nature are

The forces of nature are amazing in our daily lives as we take for granted life sustaining anomalies. Gravitational tugs and pulls of the celestial ballet that allow us to exist take place every moment of the day.

Nature gives me another reason to enjoy the catch of the day, indelible images of my surroundings and the air that I breathe.

The diversity of life ... it's like no other experience.

This is amazing, I'm

This is amazing, I'm wondering what effect these tides have on people and animals.