Easter 2017 Weather Forecast (U.S. & Canada)

What's the weather outlook for Easter 2017? Find out with this forecast from The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Easter Forecast

Easter weekend is fast approaching! Are you prepared? With our Easter 2017 weather forecast, you’ll know just what kind of outerwear is necessary for this year’s Easter egg hunt.

Easter 2017 Weather Forecast

What will the weather be like for Easter weekend (April 14–17) in your area? Consult our forecasts to find out!


U.S. Forecasts for Easter 2017

Region 1: Northeast

  • Cooler-than-normal temperatures should be expected. Rain showers possible.

Region 2: Atlantic Corridor

  • Rain is expected, with temperatures below normal in the northern portion of the region and slightly above normal in the southern portion.

Region 3: Appalachians

  • Rain showers are expected, with temperatures slightly cooler than normal in the Pennsylvania and Upstate New York areas and slightly warmer than normal in the southern portion of the region.

Region 4: Southeast

  • Periods of rain are likely, accompanied by cooler-than-normal temperatures.

Region 5: Florida

  • Expect warm temperatures with above-normal rainfall and possible thunderstorms.

Region 6: Lower Lakes

  • A mix of sun and rain showers should be expected. Mild temperatures.

Region 7: Ohio Valley

  • A mix of sun and rain showers should be expected, with more rain tending towards the west. Cool, but warmer-than-normal temperatures.

Region 8: Deep South

  • Cool, yet warmer than normal. Possible thunderstorms.

Region 9: Upper Midwest

  • Some rain and snow possible, accompanied by cooler temperatures.

Region 10: Heartland

  • Warmer than normal. Sun is expected for the holiday weekend.

Region 11: Texas–Oklahoma

  • Average amounts of rainfall with the possibility of scattered thunderstorms. Warmer than normal temperatures are expected.

Region 12: High Plains

  • Rain showers should clear off and result in a sunny, yet cool, climate. 

Region 13: Intermountain

  • The holiday weekend should start off sunny, but rain showers in the latter half are possible. Temperatures expected to be mild.

Region 14: Desert Southwest

  • Sunny, yet slightly cooler than normal.

Region 15: Pacific Northwest

  • Rain showers are possible. Cool temperatures also likely.

Region 16: Pacific Southwest

  • Some showers expected, with warmer-than-normal temperatures.

Region 17: Alaska

  • Flurries expected in the north, with milder temperatures overall. In central Alaska, snow showers and colder temperatures are likely. Sunny, yet cold, in the south. 

Region 18: Hawaii

  • Thunderstorms possible in the east, with some showers likely occurring across all islands.

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Canadian Forecasts for Easter 2017

Region 1: Atlantic Canada

  • Some snow showers possible, with cooler-than-normal temperatures.

Region 2: Southern Quebec

  • Some rain showers possible. Cooler-than-normal temperatures are expected.

Region 3: Southern Ontario

  • Rain likely in the east; snow in the west. Cool temperatures overall.

Region 4: The Prairies

  • Rain and snow possible in the east. Snow likely in the west.

Region 5: Southern British Columbia

  • A few showers possible, accompanied by near-normal temperatures.

Region 6: Yukon

  • Cooler temperatures and possible snow showers.

Region 7: Northwest Territories

  • Snow showers turn into sunny skies, with colder temperatures overall.

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