A few words from happy fundraisers!

By Ginger Vaughan
October 23, 2013

Our fundraising program really does put the “fun” back in fundraising! Not only is the program set up to be profitable and incredibly easy to use, you’ll also be working with products and that are well-known and trusted. 

You don’t have to take our word for it–check out these letters from our satisfied fundraisers!

Centre Congregational Church

(Brattleboro, VT)

Thank you Old Farmer’s Almanac for putting the word “Fun” back in fundraising!

In this time of competitive fundraising, as a New York City native, I know a deal when I see it. First is the spot on information in the Almanac, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. The other products will sell themselves. They are filled with family-friendly and exciting ideas for the garden, the table, and everyday life. The greeting cards are beautiful and will bring joy to those who receive them. The recipes are easy to make and can be used at home or for additional fundraisers like community dinners or area bake sales.

What convinced me the Old Farmer’s Almanac family of products was a great idea was the monetary return. Every organization needs to raise cash to support the good work they do. The Almanac deal was fool proof. Sell the products and receive 40% of every order. I cannot imagine anyone not seeing benefit in that.

Thank you Old Farmer’s Almanac for making fundraising fun.

Tom Harriman

Newbury Elmentary School

(Newbury, VT)

Dear Old Farmer’s Almanac,

Friends of NES (Newbury Elementary School) is a parent group that raises money to enhance our children’s school experience, including purchasing equipment and materials for special programs and activities, such as library book bags, concerts, plays, art shows, races, movie nights, and a school float for parades. Helping to purchase a salad bar for the school is one of our goals as well.

We chose Old Farmer’s Almanac for a fundraiser because we get great profit from our sales! You give us outstanding service, quality product, and terrific incentives, so we are doing yet another OFA fundraiser!

Thank you for helping us reach our goals!

With great expectations,

Penny Taylor


Old Farmer's Almanac Fundraising Program

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I'm considering a fund raiser

I'm considering a fund raiser for my church. Your product seems interesting. I've always liked the Old Farmers Almanac and Gardening Almanac plus you have more interesting books. Please send me your material about selling your products.

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