Full Moon for December 2020

Bundle Up for December's Full Cold Moon!

April 6, 2020
Full Cold Moon - OFA

December’s full Moon rises on December 29, 2020. The original Old Farmer’s Almanac will reveal everything you need to know about the Full Cold Moon and what makes it special. 

The Full Moon in December 2020

Technically, the full Moon reaches peak fullness on December 29, 2020 at 10:28 P.M. EST—and earlier is time zones further west.

(Note: In England, the full Moon date is the 30th at 3:28 A.M.)

Look for the full Moon to appear above the horizon just before sunset. To find the exact time that it will be visible in your area, consult our Moonrise Calculator.

What makes this full Moon special? It’s most distinctive for its high trajectory across the sky, causing the full Moon to sit above the horizon for a longer period of time. 

Moon Phases for December 2020

Below are the dates and times (in Eastern Time) of the Moon’s phases in December 2019. Click here to see the Moon phase dates and times for your location.

Last Quarter: December 7, 7:37 P.M.
New Moon: December 14, 11:17 A.M.
First Quarter: December 21, 6:41 P.M.
Full Moon: December 29, 10:28 P.M.

When is the next Full Moon? Consult our Full Moon Dates chart.

December Full Moon Names

  • December’s full Moon has traditionally been known as the Full Cold Moon by some Native Americans tribes since this is the month that heralds in the cold winter season.
  • This full Moon was also called the Long Nights Moon by Native American groups because it rose during the “longest” nights of the year, which are near the December 21 winter solstice.  The “Long Nights Moon” name is also fitting because December’s full Moon shines above the horizon for a longer period of time that most moons.
  • Ancient European pagans called it the “Moon Before Yule,” in honor of the Yuletide festival celebrating the return of the sun heralded by winter solstice.

See a full calendar year of full Moon names and their meanings.


Best Days in December 2020

Below are the best days for activities, based on the Moon’s sign and phase in December.

For Harvesting

  • Aboveground crops: 15, 16
  • Belowground crops: 7, 8

For Setting Eggs

  • 8, 25–27

For Fishing

  • 14–29

See Best Days for more activities.

Moon Folklore

  • If a snowstorm begins when the Moon is young, it will cease at moonrise.

Share your thoughts about this month’s Moon below!


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I knew the Solstice was on

I knew the Solstice was on its way, (beginning of summer, not winter, if you think about it... all the days start getting longer from this point out-- how's that for a cheery thought?) but I had forgotten the lore about 'hair cuts!' Yesterday I had scheduled, weeks ago, the major trimming for our huge trees, esp. the apples, which you can't trim until after several hard freezes. Well my trees should grow full and fill out this next year, they say, and the wood peckers sure are excited today. The moon last night was spectacular, the night creatures all bathed in blue.

In many traditions things are

In many traditions things are cut on the full moon because living things sre at their fullest. For example native tribes in Mexico harvest roots for medicine on full moon b/c the plant is full, the moon pulls on it the same as the tides, the same as a woman's cycle etc. it would make sense that hair and nails are the same.

My mother used to clip the

My mother used to clip the ends of my hair during a full moon. It always grew back richer and fuller.

Full Moon for fullness , new

Full Moon for fullness , new moon for growth.

thank you for this it saved

thank you for this it saved me time because im not getting up @ 4 am to look @ it who am i kidding i am

On average everyone's hair

On average everyone's hair grows 6" a year -1/2" a month. I trim/cut my hair on the new moon. It is to my knees. Here is what I know- Hair won't grow if you are not eating enough protein -or use too much heat from chemicals or blow drying. Remember - also can't trim or cut hair faster than it grows. so keep it in good condition so you need to trim only a few inches a year.

When is the best time to get

When is the best time to get your hair cut Is it during the period from the full moon to the last quarter of moon

Is it true to have your hair

Is it true to have your hair cut on the full moon cycle and when are those days thanks

Astrologists believe that

The Editors's picture

Astrologists believe that there are best days by the Moon for certain activities. See the dates for this month for cutting hair: http://www.almanac.com/bestday...

My grandmother trimmed my

My grandmother trimmed my sister & my hair on the new & full moon from the time we were very little girls. We had very long & very thick braids. I still trim mine on the moon phase. It truly works.

so what happens,is it good

so what happens,is it good luck or what?

I was a hairdresser for

I was a hairdresser for twenty plus years and I had many of my clients on the full moon cycle if they wanted thick hair and new moon if they wanted new growth. I was booked all the time with clients who swore it was working getting their hair cut with the moon cycles.

But is it d day time or

But is it d day time or evening or nite time. Bcoz i had my hair cut a year bak but no growth. Can u please specify if i just hav to chek the full mon calendar days or i hav to c dat d moon cycle is completed in the evening b4 i tke my hair cut. Thnx

Very interesting facts from

Very interesting facts from the Farmer's Almanac which according to old timers is more accurate in its weather preditions than the U.S. Weather Service!