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March 9, 2012

The Old Farmer‘s Almanac Full Moon Finder app lets you find upcoming full Moon dates and times in North America.

  • Enter a location in the U.S. or Canada by ZIP or Postal Code, or with City, State.
  • Swipe left or right to navigate (day by day) to see the percentage of illumination.
  • Tap on Next Full >> to find upcoming full Moon dates/times.
  • To go back or to see the Moon on any day of the month, tap on the date button and a monthly calendar will pop up.


Days Old refers to the Moon's age, which is the number of days since the previous new Moon. (The average length of the lunar month is 29.53 days.)

% lit refers to the appearance of the Moon and how much of the Moon's surface you can see illuminated.

The Full Moon‘s Name

Historically, Native Americans kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to the recurring full Moons. Each full Moon name was applied to the entire month in which it occurred.

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I purchased this full moon

I purchased this full moon app from iTunes for my iPad. I cannot open the app.

Hello Patty, We have tested

Hello Patty,
We have tested the app on iPad and everything seems to be working fine. I think this problem may be specific to your tablet.  Please email almanacsupport@yankeepub.com for further assistance.
Thank you.

Hello. Are you still

Hello. Are you still supporting this app on iPad 2? I see that it is not listed on my device as an iPad app, only iPhone. I'm happy that the location setting is working properly, but the date on my iPad version continues to default to Octibet 6. I can set the correct date, but it always reverts to Oct. 6. It does seem to work correctly on my iPhone. Thank you.

Hello Daniel,  At this time,

Hello Daniel,  At this time, we only have an iPhone version of the Full Moon Finder App.  You can still use it on your iPad, but it will only be sized for iPhone.  If you have trouble with the date, you can restart the app.  Double click the home button and slide up the picture of the Full Moon App to fully close it.  Then go back in and your date should be reset.  Any questions contact almanacsupport@yankeepub.com.
Thank you,
Technical Support

Love the history of the moon

Love the history of the moon and it's effect on planting and humans