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Halloween is fast approaching! Will you need to stitch that extra layer of fleece into your costume, or turn those long pants into shorts? In years past, we’ve seen everything from haunting heat waves to chilling blizzards happen on Halloween. Here’s what the forecasts say about this year!

For the latest, up-to-date weather information, see our 7-Day Forecasts. Or, to see how things were on a Halloween years or even decades ago, check out our Weather History tool.

Halloween Weather Forecasts

US weather regions map

United States

Region 1: Northeast

Clear skies are expected, as are cool temperatures. Bring an extra layer along!

Region 2: Atlantic Corridor

Clear skies, with temperatures on the cool side.

Region 3: Appalachians

Clear and quite cool in the north, mild in the south.

Region 4: Southeast

Some clouds, but mild temperatures overall.

Region 5: Florida

Warm throughout; some rain possible in southeast. 

Region 6: Lower Lakes

Cool with some cloud cover in the northeast; mild but cloudy in the west; mild and clear in the south.

Region 7: Ohio Valley

Clear skies and cool temperatures in the north; clear and warm south.

Region 8: Deep South

Warm with some clouds in the north, warm and clear skies in the south.

Region 9: Upper Midwest

Cool temperatures and a possibility of showers in the northwest; cloudy and cool in the east and south.

Region 10: Heartland

Warm, with occasional cloud cover.

Region 11: Texas–Oklahoma

Cloudy and warm in the north; clear and hot in the south.

Region 12: High Plains

Mild and partly cloudy in the north; warm and clear in the central and south.

Region 13: Intermountain

Cool, with showers possible in the north; warm and partly cloudy central; warm and clear south.

Region 14: Desert Southwest

Clear and warm in the east and northwest; clear and hot southwest.

Region 15: Pacific Northwest

Cool with possible rain showers throughout the region. 

Region 16: Pacific Southwest

Mild with a chance of rain in the north; pleasant and clear in the south.

Region 17: Alaska

Cold and cloudy in the north and west; cold and clear south.

Region 18: Hawaii

Partly cloudy and warm west and central; cloudy with a chance of showers in the east.

Canada weather regions map


Region 1: Atlantic Canada

Chilly with some clouds throughout the region. 

Region 2: Southern Quebec

Chilly and cloudy.

Region 3: Southern Ontario

Chilly and cloudy in the east; some rain possible in the west.

Region 4: The Prairies

Chilly and cloudy in the east and central parts of the region; chance of snow flurries in the west.

Region 5: Southern British Columbia

Cool and rainy on the coast; cold and clear in the north; chilly and cloudy inland.

Region 6: Yukon

Cold and cloudy with a chance of snow. 

Region 7: Northwest Territories

Cold and partly cloudy.

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As we approach Halloween, check out our 7-Day Forecasts for the latest, up-to-date weather information. Also see our Winter Weather Forecast 2017–2018!

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