Hurricane Names for the 2020 Hurricane Season

How Are Hurricanes Named? Who Names Them?

April 6, 2020
Hurricane Florence Sept 2018

Hurricane Florence as seen from the International Space Station on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.


See the list of hurricane names for the 2020 season—plus, how hurricanes are named and a little history about naming hurricanes. Is your name or the name of a loved one listed this year?

How Are Hurricanes Named?

Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina… The names of hurricanes often carry a lot of history. 

  • Hurricane names are chosen by the World Meteorological Organization. There are six lists of names for Atlantic and Pacific storms. Every six years, the lists of names repeat (not including the names of particularly destructive storms, which are retired).
  • Names are assigned to storms in alphabetical order as the storms occur. In other words, the first storm of the season will be given the first name on the list (starting with the letter A), the next will be given the name starting with B, and so on. If more storms occur in one season than there are names on the list, the newest storms are named after the Greek alphabet (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc.).
  • Tropical storms are given names when they display a rotating circulation pattern and wind speeds of 39 miles per hour (63 kilometers per hour). A tropical storm develops into a hurricane when wind speeds reach 74 mph (119 kph).
  • The names of especially destructive hurricanes are usually retired. See a list of retired tropical storm and hurricane names here.

Hurricane Names for the 2020 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins on June 1 and ends on November 30 each year. See the most recent Hurricane Season Forecast and Updates here.

For the 2020 hurricane season, the list of names from 2014 will be used again. Then, they will be repeated during the year 2026. 

These lists include storms in both the Atlantic Basin (Gulf and East Coast hurricanes) and Eastern North-Pacific (Pacific Island and West Coast hurricanes). 

Hurricane Names for 2020

Atlantic Tropical (and Subtropical) Storm Names for 2020

Arthur Hanna Omar
Bertha Isaias Paulette
Cristobal Josephine Rene
Dolly Kyle Sally
Edouard Laura Teddy
Fay Marco Vicky
Gonzalo Nana Wilfred

Eastern North-Pacific Tropical (and Subtropical) Storm Names for 2020

Amanda Iselle Rachel
Boris Julio Simon
Cristina Karina Trudy
Douglas Lowell Vance
Elida Marie Winnie
Fausto Norbert Xavier
Genevieve Odalys Yolanda
Hernan Polo Zeke

Note: Hurricanes are given names according to a formal system that is managed by the World Meteorological Organization, not The Old Farmer’s Almanac!  We appreciate your requests, however, we have no influence over the names selected. 

The History of Naming Hurricanes

  • Native Americans called these storms hurakons, after “a great spirit who commanded the east wind.” Spanish explorers adopted the word and then began giving hurricanes the names of patron saints on whose feast days the storms occurred. Later, hurricanes were identified by their longitude and latitude.
  • In 1950, a formal practice for storm naming was first developed by the U.S. National Hurricane Center. At that time, storms were named according to a phonetic alphabet (e.g., Able, Baker, Charlie) and the names used were the same for each hurricane season; in other words, the first hurricane of a season was always named “Able,” the second “Baker,” and so on.
  • In 1953, to avoid the repetitive use of names, the system was revised so that storms would be given female names. This mimicked the habits of old naval meteorologists, who named the storms after their wife or girlfriend, much the way ships at sea were named after women. A weatherman in Australia is credited with being the first person to give a tropical storm a female name.
  • In 1979, the system was revised again to include both female and male names.
  • Today, naming hurricanes is the responsibility of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), which revises the lists each year. However, the WMO doesn’t only name hurricanes that occur off the shores of North America; they maintain lists for all areas affected by tropical cyclones. See hurricane names for other regions here.

Learn More About Hurricanes

For more information on hurricanes, see:

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I have lived in Florida my

I have lived in Florida my whole life and your good. I've seen a couple storms go for a strange turn but if it did hit us it would only be a little rain. Most of the tropical storms that hit us are nothing compared to some of our normal everyday storms we get. As far as now goes, the storm isn't going to hit us. I do have to warn you though it's been horribly hot here. Congratulations to you and your bride!
I live in South Florida so I can tell you what it's like down here.

I like to learn about

I like to learn about hurricanes

we are planning to visit

we are planning to visit Turks & Caicos in July End 2014. What do you thing the hurricane season will bring at that time/
Thanks you,

Sorry to disappoint, but we

The Editors's picture

Sorry to disappoint, but we only predict the weather for U.S. and Canada.

Mass mayhem...It's forecasted

Mass mayhem...It's forecasted to be an above average year. I'm out here in the Caribbean.

Why can't you name a

Why can't you name a Hurricane. Baron. Slugger . Donnybrook and native americans names
And will new orleans get snow

The Hawaii honeymoon is for

The Hawaii honeymoon is for 2014!!

Aruba is the best place for

Aruba is the best place for honeymoon. My wife and I was there for our honeymoon and it was great.

We are planning a honeymoon

We are planning a honeymoon in Hawaii the last week of July and first week of August. We want to cruise the islands. What are the predicted and/or likely weather conditions during that period?

Thank you.

You can find our long-range

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You can find our long-range forecasts in The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac, now available in bookstores and at newsstands and also online at

I am planning to spend the

I am planning to spend the month of January 2014 near tampa florida what will the temperature be and a cruise for February 2-9,2014 for northern caribbean would you please let me if the weather will good for this cruise and for my first time spending more than a week in Florida
Thank you

Hi, Linda, The hurricane

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Hi, Linda, The hurricane season is June through November so it won't affect your cruise. In terms of weather, we offer our long-range weather predictions in The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac, now on sale in bookstores and on our Web site here:



My son is planning a wedding

My son is planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic in Sept 21 2014, I am worried about Hurricanes before and during that could destroy his day and put everyone in danger

Hi Carol, We only cover North

The Editors's picture

Hi Carol, We only cover North America. In The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac, September is predicted to be rainier and warmer than normal, with several hurricane threats in September. I'm sorry that it probably not comforting. Hurricanes are challenging to predict as there are many variables. For example, the experts at Colorado State and around the globe predicted a very active season this year and it was a bust. So, it's highly variable.

I got married in August 2001

I got married in August 2001 in Caribbean and it was beautiful, hot nut gorgeous. Pray and check the weather channel.

Just realized it passed. How was it?