List of Names for the 2018 Hurricane Season

Names of U.S. Hurricanes: Atlantic Basin and Eastern North-Pacific


Here is the list of hurricane names for the 2018 hurricane season including the Atlantic Basin (Miami hurricanes) and Eastern North-Pacific (California hurricanes).

How Do Hurricanes Get Their Names?

  • Native Americans called these storms Hurakons, after “a great spirit who commanded the east wind.” Spanish explorers adopted the word and then began giving hurricanes the names of patron saints on whose feast days the storms occurred. Later, hurricanes were identified by their longitude and latitude.
  • A weatherman in Australia is credited with being the first person to name a tropical storm after a female.
  • In 1950, a formal practice for storm naming was first developed by the U.S. National Hurricane Center. At that time, storms were named according to a phonetic alphabet (e.g., Able, Baker, Charlie) and the names used were the same for each hurricane season; in other words, the first hurricane of a season was always named “Able,” the second “Baker,” and so on.
  • In 1953, to avoid the repetitive use of names, the system was revised so that storms would be given female names. This mimicked the habits of old naval meteorologists, who named the storms after their wife or girlfriend, much the way ships at sea were named after women.
  • In 1979, the system was revised again to include both female and male hurricane names.

Hurricane Names Today

  • When does a storm receive a name? Tropical storms are given names when they display a rotating circulation pattern and wind speeds of 39 miles per hour (63 kilometers per hour). A tropical storm develops into a hurricane when wind speeds reach 74 mph (119 kph).
  • Hurricanes’ names are selected by the World Meteorological Organization. There are six lists of hurricane names for Atlantic Ocean storms. Every six years, the list of names begins again! However, the names of especially destructive hurricanes are usually retired. See the “retired” tropical storm and hurricane names.

The Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1 and ends November 30. Here are the hurricane names for the 2018 season.

Hurricane Names for 2018

Atlantic Tropical (and Subtropical) Storm Names for 2018

Alberto Helene Oscar
Beryl Issac Patty
Chris Joyce Rafael
Debby Kirk Sarah
Ernesto Leslie Tony
Florence Michael Valerie 
Gordon Nadine William

Eastern North-Pacific Tropical (and Subtropical) Storm Names for 2018

Aletta Ileana Rosa
Bud John Sergio
Carlotta Kristy Tara
Daniel Lane Vincente
Emilia Mariam Willa
Fabio Norman Xavier
Gilma Olivia Yolanda
Hector Paul Zeke

Note: Hurricanes are given names according to a formal system that is managed by the World Meteorological Organization, not The Old Farmer’s Almanac!  We appreciate your requests, however, we have no influence over the names selected. This is simply a reference guide.

For more fun information on hurricanes, find out how to figure out a hurricane’s strength and how to predict a hurricane!


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Mario replaced Manuel.

In the North-Eastern Pacific in 2013, Category 1 Hurricane Manuel devastated parts of Mexico. Manuel was replaced with Mario for that season. Coincidentally, Zelda is on the same list.

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In the Eastern North Pacific, Carlos is scheduled for 2021.



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I guess that you all dont realize that you cant request names. the government picks specific names that go through a 6/7 year cycle

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Addison/Avery, Aiden
Brooke, Blake
Casey, Carson
Diana, Drew/Devin
Emerson, Eli
Faith, Finlay
Grace, Gabriel
Harley, Hudson
Jean, Jamie
Kendall, Kai
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