The Man of Signs (Zodiac Man)

Connecting the Zodiac and the Body

April 15, 2019
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Ancient astrologers believed that each astrological sign of the zodiac influenced a specific part of the body. The Man of Signs was created to visually represent this belief.

Astrology has played a role in the predictive power of almanacs since the earliest days of their publication, thousands of years ago.

Within the pages of The Old Farmer’s Almanac—in addition to astronomical and meteorological reference material—you’ll find an abundance of traditional astrological information, ranging from the dates of Mercury Retrograde and the monthly Best Days, to Gardening by the Moon’s Sign and the Man of Signs.

The Man of Signs

Some of our readers use the Man of Signs to determine the best time to do activities related to certain parts of the body. The first sign of the zodiac—Aries—is attributed to the head, with the rest of the signs moving down the body, ending with Pisces at the feet. 

How to Follow the Man of Signs

Consult the chart below to see which parts of the body are associated with which signs and dates. According to astrology, it is considered a poor time to do an activity that involves the given body part within the associated range of dates. For example, because Aries is connected to the head, it would be considered unfavorable to have an eye examination during the time of Aries (March 21 to April 20).

Please Note: The Old Farmer’s Almanac does not give medical advice. Consult with a medical professional before making any decisions related to your health or the health of loved ones.

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Teeth removed and bone graft.January 2018 best dates.

Removal of six teeth.and bone graft. Best dates for January 2018.

zodiac man

How about adding the names to the 12 constellations.
1. Aries = Stephen (Crown),
2. Taurus = Philip,
3. Gemini = Prochorus,
4. Cancer = Nicanor,
5. Leo = Timon,
6. Virgo = Parmenas,
7. Libra = Nicholas,
8. Scorpio = Lud,
9. Sagittarius = Elam,
10. Capricorn = Asshur,
11. Aquarius = Arphaxad,
12. Pisces = Aram,


Had 2 teeth pulled today! And have been having really bad pains? Is it due to the signs?

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I'm having two teeth extracted August 28th 2017 are the signs right for this?

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My granddaughter is having her wisdom teeth cut out out wed August 29 is the sign

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currently is scheduled for September 12 2017.....what man of the signs is this day?

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When is the best time/dates in 2018 and/or 2019 to have the surgery according to the Farmers Almanac?


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Bowel surgery

I am trying to schedule surgery for hernia and intestinal procedure. I am confused as to when to schedule my surgery. The calendar says August 23 -September. Am I supposed to schedule during this time or a different month?


2 teeth to be extracted today August 7

Tooth Extraction in October 2017

When in October is the best time to have teeth extracted. When are the signs in the feet?

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When after July 18-2017 is good time for knee surgery

Is July 28 in Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisies?

Just need to know what zodiac sign July 28 is so I can check zodiac man


July 28th is Leo... :) I have share this birthday!


Best dates in July for Carpal tunnel surgery

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when is the best time for rotater surgery


best days for rotator culf surgery in september and october

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My baby needs open heart surgery sometime between end of June and beginning of Sept. 2017.
Which date is best to help achieve best results (i.e., no complications during pre-op, the surgery or her recovery and aid in a speedy and full recovery?


Is June 12 2017 a good day for teeth extraction


Getting my eye tooth pulled tomorrow, is this a good time.

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

My daughter is scheduled to have her Wisdom Teeth Removed July 25, 2017. She is a Virgo, is this date good or do we need to change it? My parents always told me to make sure that the sign is far far away from the head prior to doing any type dental work/surgery.

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In Oct I be undergoing my third brain surgery, can you tell the date when the sign is right please.


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all upper teeth extracted in june for dentures

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Chris, did you get any answers? I have the same question.

Wisdom teeth extracted in June 2017

Please let me know the best dates

Getting A Tooth Pulled

When is the sign in the feet April 2017?