The Man of Signs (Zodiac Man)

Connecting the Zodiac and the Body

April 15, 2019
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Ancient astrologers believed that each astrological sign of the zodiac influenced a specific part of the body. The Man of Signs was created to visually represent this belief.

Astrology has played a role in the predictive power of almanacs since the earliest days of their publication, thousands of years ago.

Within the pages of The Old Farmer’s Almanac—in addition to astronomical and meteorological reference material—you’ll find an abundance of traditional astrological information, ranging from the dates of Mercury Retrograde and the monthly Best Days, to Gardening by the Moon’s Sign and the Man of Signs.

The Man of Signs

Some of our readers use the Man of Signs to determine the best time to do activities related to certain parts of the body. The first sign of the zodiac—Aries—is attributed to the head, with the rest of the signs moving down the body, ending with Pisces at the feet. 

How to Follow the Man of Signs

Consult the chart below to see which parts of the body are associated with which signs and dates. According to astrology, it is considered a poor time to do an activity that involves the given body part within the associated range of dates. For example, because Aries is connected to the head, it would be considered unfavorable to have an eye examination during the time of Aries (March 21 to April 20).

Please Note: The Old Farmer’s Almanac does not give medical advice. Consult with a medical professional before making any decisions related to your health or the health of loved ones.

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I wish you guys had a app for

I wish you guys had a app for the Man of the Signs. I can't remember when to do what. I'm having surgery and I always have to try to find the Man of the Signs. Phone access would be great.

scientifically, why are is a

scientifically, why are is a fire sign a fire sign or a planting sign a planting sign who and why was each sign determined to be its sign

That's a great question! The

The Editors's picture

That's a great question! The answer is steeped in history and myth but unfortunately is beyond the scope of this format. We suggest that you ask your local public library to locate resources detailing the history of Western astrology. Try searching for information about Empedocles, Aristotle, and other Greek philosophers who studied the four elements (some added a fifth element, Aether), and Ptolemy, who is said to have linked them to zodiac signs. (His work called Almagest might give some clues.) Also check ancient Mesopotamian, Babylonian, and Hellenistic astrology/astronomy. You might also be interested in comparing this to Indian astrology, as well as to the five elements of Chinese astrology (earth, fire, water, metal, and wood) and their associated planets.

the movement of the moon

the movement of the moon affects our bodies just like it affects the oceans and seas.just as the moon "pulls" the water "tides"it also pulls our blood to our heads ie,if you have teeth extracted when signs are in the knees you will have the least bleeding & soreness.rogeradams@frontierne...

My baby is 15 months old

My baby is 15 months old still nursing and I'm newly pregnant do i wean or wait?

We highly recommend you check

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We highly recommend you check with your doctor.
If you choose to wean, check out our Best Days chart.

I used the "signs" to wean

I used the "signs" to wean all 4 of my children as did my other family members. Ideally the signs should be from the knees down for best results. Worked very well for us.

Can Man Of Signs help

Can Man Of Signs help determine health status? And if so why isn't it used to some extent? I presume that planets and aspects in your Pisces placement would affect your Feet,but one would have to be learned in Astrology to figure out the meaning.

First, always consult your

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First, always consult your physician when planning surgery. Many of our readers do look at the "Man of Signs" to schedule health appointments, based on the age-old belief that the Moon's signs are associated with body parts. (Aries is attributed to the head, with the rest of the signs moving down the body.) In The Old Farmer's Almanac book, there is a Moon sign calendar that shows the sign for each date of the year. One finds their date and then the sign; the farther away the Moon sign is from the sign associated with the afflicted body part, the better.

Good website to see what

Good website to see what "sign" the moon is in today or at your birthday.

What are the fruitful, signs,

What are the fruitful, signs, and the desolate, signs ??

Fruitful signs: Cancer,

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Fruitful signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces (all Water signs)
Semi-fruitful signs: Taurus, Libra, Capricorn

Barren signs: Gemini, Leo, and Virgo
Semi-barren signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Interested in the Moon's

Interested in the Moon's phase.