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Memorial Day Sunset

Memorial Day weekend is less than two weeks away, which means that summer is just around the corner. It’s about time to break out the barbeque, the sunscreen, and the swimsuit—weather permitting, of course! Read our Memorial Day forecast to find out what kind of weather to expect in your area this holiday weekend.

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Memorial Day Weekend Weather Forecast

US weather regions map

United States

Region 1: Northeast

Warm, sunny weather is expected from Memorial Day weekend through the end of the month.

Region 2: Atlantic Corridor

A chance of scattered thunderstorms is predicted for Memorial Day weekend, with warmer-than-normal temperatures.

Region 3: Appalachians

Scattered thunderstorms are expected, with warmer-than-normal temperatures.

Region 4: Southeast

Sunny, warm weather is expected on the front end of the weekend, but there is a chance of thunderstorms on the holiday itself.

Region 5: Florida

Sunny skies are expected in the northern part of the region; thunderstorms in the south. Cooler-than-normal temperatures are expected throughout the region.

Region 6: Lower Lakes

A few showers should be expected, as should warmer-than-normal temperatures.

Region 7: Ohio Valley

Scattered thunderstorms are expected, with fairly warm temperatures.

Region 8: Deep South

A few passing thunderstorms should be expected. Warmer-than-normal temperatures are predicted as well.

Region 9: Upper Midwest

A few thunderstorms are expected for the region, with warmer-than-normal temperatures.

Region 10: Heartland

Thunderstorms may occur on the front end of the weekend, but the latter half should be sunny and warm.

Region 11: Texas–Oklahoma

Scattered thunderstorms are likely to occur as we head into the holiday weekend, but sunny, cool weather will follow.

Region 12: High Plains

A few showers are possible for the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, but should clear up in time for the holiday.

Region 13: Intermountain

Cool temperatures with scattered thunderstorms are likely.

Region 14: Desert Southwest

Sunny skies are predicted for the weekend. The weekend should start off with cooler temperatures, but turn hot by Monday.

Region 15: Pacific Northwest

Scattered showers are likely, with temperatures gradually warming through the end of the weekend.

Region 16: Pacific Southwest

Isolated showers are predicted for the front end of the weekend, but sunny skies are expected on Memorial Day itself. Temperatures are also expected to be hotter than normal.

Region 17: Alaska

Snow is predicted for the northern part of the state, turning to rain in the central and southern areas. Cooler-than-normal temperatures are expected throughout the state.

Region 18: Hawaii

Cooler-than-normal temperatures and rain showers are expected throughout the islands. 

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