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Mighty Good Meat Loaf and Meatball Recipes

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One of our favorite comfort foods is meat loaf—and let’s not forget meatballs. Here are some cooking tips and a few variations on the classic.

Meat Loaf Cooking Tips

  • To keep meat loaf from sticking to the pan, place two strips of bacon on the bottom of the pan before adding the meat mixture.
  • Add a tablespoon of horseradish to perk up the taste.
  • For a healthier meat loaf, substitute oatmeal for bread crumbs. You’ll add fiber and vitamins.
  • To save time making meatballs, roll the meat into a log and cut into slices. Roll the slices into balls.

Meat Loaf Recipes

Meat Loaf with Onion Stuffing

Apple Meat Loaf

Italian Meat Loaf

Spiced Meat Loaf

Cheese Meat Loaf

Lebanese Meatballs


How to Make Meat Loaf

Watch our cooking video to see how to make Mom’s Meat Loaf Recipe.

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