Mobile Vegetable Garden Planner App

Now you can bring the Garden Planner into the garden!

Vegetable Garden Planning Apps for iPad and iPhone

The Garden Planner is an iPhone or iPad-only app, and not yet universal.

This app works with the desktop version (for PC or Mac) or alone.

Vegetable Garden Planner Apps

Design the Perfect Garden Plan

With flexible drawing tools and an extensive database of plants, the Almanac Garden Planner app makes it easy to design the perfect garden layout.

A “Smart” Tool That Can Adapt!

Just imagine: The Garden Planner will automatically spaces plants correctly, even as you add new plants. 
The Garden Planner also tracks your progress. It will even warn you when to rotate crop if you wish to plan a second crop in the same space to
get the most from your garden.

Vegetable planting calendar apps

Adapts to Your Location

The Garden Planner also recommends personalized planting dates and harvesting dates, using frost data from more than 6,500 weather stations. 

Planting Reminders

Your life will be made easier because the Garden Planner issues reminders of when to plant the crops in your plans twice a month by email. You can even customize dates for specific plants or varieties.

Journal your garden notes using our garden design app

Flexible Tools

Unlike most tools out there, the Almanac Garden Planner will work with practically any size or shape of garden. Whether you plant in traditional rows, plant raised beds, or use the SFG method, the Garden Planner can help you achieve the ideal plan for the space that you have.

iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC

With the Garden Planner, you have different options: 1. buy only the mobile app, 2. buy only the desktop version, or 3. buy both the downloadable mobile app and the desktop version — and share plans between the devices. They each stand alone but also work together!
For example, some folks enjoy designing on the desktop screen and taking the mobile device out to the garden to implement plans, shoot garden photos, and take notes on progress!

First-Class Support

Receive personal service by email if you need help or have questions! At the Almanac, we always answer questions personally—and we pride ourselves on the quality of the support we provide.

Vegetable Garden Planning Apps for iPad and iPhone

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how do u uss fhe online version if

I can't even use the "online" version because non of my android tablets support adobe "flash" player I DO have adobe player but it's not flash. So PLEASE PLEASE tell me how I can even USE IT??? Is really love to know

Smart Phone App

I am a big fan of the garden planner but am disappointed that there is no app for my android phone. I do not like iphones and ipads please develop an app for the google play store. because I am already paying for the online garden planner, I would pay a couple extra dollars for a smart phone app to get more use from the planner.

Garden Planner - Hardcopy and Android

Do you make a "hard copy" of your Garden Planner - and/or a summary version with info/lists for Planning/Prepping. - Gardening - Vegetable anor Flowers (how to Seed prep)
Tips and Info for beginners - Pot or Plot - Veg Landscaping - Herb Gardening and Sharing Gardening with Children
Also - contact info to order the Almanac - is the one for Children and the Urban Gardener?

This is an area that I prefer to recommend - Paper - Calendars/Journals/Books/Photographs - Building the Memory Journal - creative and personal - notes to remember for next year and - Personal Thoughts are an added boost to the Gardening Experience -
Yep! I'm a writer - but enjoy the experience myself -

Lastly - you've likely figured out by now - the decision maker "stumped his/her toe" on the Android Topic - casting my vote for a reconsider that option!

Thanks - Look forward to the reply(ies) ;-) Pronto Please - got a story waiting -

Garden Planner Online

Hi! This Almanac Garden Planner is all online. You drag and draw plots on your screen. However, you can certainly save and print hard copies of your garden plans!

If interested, try the desktop version for free for seven days which is ample time to try your first garden. Learn more here:

If you wish to order The Old Farmer’s Almanac publication or The Almanac for Kids, visit the General Store here:  We offer a digital edition, too, for instant access and no shipping. Or, you can find the Almanac in most retail bookstores across North America.

We do sell hard copies of gardening journals and other products in the store, too.

All of our editorial content is proprietary. Most of our articles, tools, videos, and content is written by paid contributors, so we protect their terms of usage. Find the Terms of Use at the bottom of this page (footer).

We hope you find this helpful. You should click “Contact Us” to email the editors, technical support, or public relations folks directly. We have thousands of online pages and one digital editor so we do not check every page every day. These pages are free to the public and courtesy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. They are meant to be a companion to our Almanac readers and our community, though we make them available to all.

I'm in Nigeria.How can this

I'm in Nigeria.How can this app work here.Besides,we use more of blackberry phones and Hp computers,does this app work with these?I really want to use this app here and there are lots of farmers that will be interested to use it also.pls advice me.Thank you

Yes the garden planner works

Yes the garden planner works anywhere!
Note that we have detailed weather information/climate data for the US, Canada, all of Europe, Australia and South Africa.  For folks from other countries such as yours: Once you set your location, we will advise that you check and adjust your frost dates to make sure that the system’s calculated planting calendar will be as accurate as possible.

There are only three reviews

There are only three reviews on the App Store page, but each say the app was a complete waste of money and does not work as described. What are the plans for correcting this? I am hesitant to buy it because of the only negative comments I have read.

Thanks for sharing this. The

Thanks for sharing. You should see that these reviews are old. There were inevitably a few bugs when we launched which have been fixed. It's unfortunate, but we can't remove old reviews. If it helps, see more recent customer reviews here:

Not everyone has an IPhone

Not everyone has an IPhone give us folks with just an old fashioned smart phone a break & use a garden planning program that doesn't need Adobe flash player

Thanks for contacting us. 

Thanks for contacting us.  Unfortunately we don't have the resources to produce a version for Android at the moment but we're not ruling out the possibility for the future.
If you're on android, you actually can use the online Garden Planner on a PC or Mac and then use the Publish Plan to Web feature which creates a copy of your plan and Plant List on our servers.  This can be viewed from any internet-connected mobile device, although it can't be changed from there. The second half of the video 'Printing and Sharing Your Plan' on the login page of the Garden Planner demonstrates this.

Hi I am looking forward to

I am looking forward to Spring to start gardening again. It is always a challenge in zone 3. I am hoping to learn more about the area, what works well and what does not. Using my new greenhouse and how to pollinate plants in a greenhouse.

There are many many plants

There are many many plants that work in hardines zone 3. We're not sure where you want to start. Here are seven pages of plants:

I hope this program works as

I hope this program works as good as it looks

Online Garden Planner

Let us know what you think!! Here are two reviews that just came in: 

Sheila S. says, “This is my this is my third year using the Planner and I could not have kept track of the rotation without it. I have had bumper crops if veggies. I love it!”

Amy P. says, “I used the free trial last year and loved it. My sister in law bought me a subscription for Christmas and I’ve planned my garden expansion, her garden, and a sister’s garden. All while working my in my garden, homemaking and raising by two toddlers. I have a degree in horticulture so I love doing the nerdy planning stuff but I just don’t have time anymore and this planner has made it so much easier to plan (and maintain) a garden big enough to feed my family thank you :’)”

We couldn’t ask for better than that! Hope you have the same positive results!