Monthly Horoscope for July 2020

Horoscope July 2020

By Celeste Longacre
July 8, 2020

Here’s your monthly horoscope for July 2020. What could be in store for this month? Almanac astrologer Celeste Longacre provides an astrological prediction at a glance for all 12 zodiac signs.

We begin this month with planet Mercury still in its apparent retrograde motion. This means that it is a good time to re-do and re-work anything that is already on your desk. New, intuitive insights are available and should be noted. The thing that gets messed up with this retrograde is our normal ways of thinking and our basic bottom line. So while we may see things that we don’t ordinarily do, it is best to leave any final decisions until after Mercury has resumed its direct motion (the 12th).

Saturn, who moved into Aquarius earlier this year, returns to Capricorn on the 3rd as it, too, is moving retrograde. Because it is joined there by Pluto and Jupiter, we will be continuing to figure out new ways to structure our world. Something very fundamental is happening at the core of our being right now.

Aries: Impulsive actions will get you into trouble on the 8th. You sparkle and shine on the 11th & 12th. Try not to be too quick to criticize on the 27th.

Taurus: A dream could have a money message for you on the 11th. Folks tend to see things your way on the 14th & 15th. Friends may disappoint you on the 27th.

Gemini: If you buy it on the 8th, you are likely to spend too much money. Your intuition is stellar on the 22nd. A dream my show you a way to improve your career on the 30th.

Cancer: Travel beckons for you and your partner on the 11th. Energy levels begin to improve after the 21st. Money becomes more of an issue after the 22nd.

Leo: A dream could have a message about making more money on the 12th. Avoid the tendency to overdo on the 14th. Don’t let the crabs pull you into their box on the 20th.

Virgo: Friends could cost you money on the 8th. Your intuition is heightened on the 22nd. You sparkle and shine on the 23rd & 24th.

Libra: Travel beckons on the 17th. Folks tend to see things your way on the 25th & 26th. Don’t believe everything that you hear on the 27th.

Scorpio: Watch out for manipulative words from others on the 15th. Career becomes more of a focus after the 22nd. You sparkle and shine on the 27th & 28th.

Sagittarius: If you buy it on the 14th, you will spend too much. You are exceptionally creative all around the 27th. Folks tend to see things your way on the 29th & 30th.

Capricorn: An abundance of ideas are yours on the 10th. Avoid an argument with your significant other by thinking things through first on the 20th. Money becomes more of a focus after the 22nd.

Aquarius: Folks tend to see things your way on the 6th & 7th. A significant intuition about your work scene is yours on the 22nd. Having fun with your partner becomes more significant after the 22nd.

Pisces: You sparkle and shine on the 9th & 10th. A really fun time can be had on the 12th. Work becomes more of a focus after the 22nd.

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