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Monthly Horoscope for November 2021

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At-a-Glance Horoscope for Every Zodiac Sign

Celeste Longacre
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Here’s your Horoscope for November 2021. Planet Mercury has ended its retrograde period and is moving forward nicely now. See horoscopes for every sign of the Zodiac to see what the planets have to say about health, love, success, and different facets of your life in the month ahead.

End to Mercury Retrograde

Planet Mercury has ended its retrograde period and is moving forward nicely now. We have a new Moon on the 4th and a Full Moon (lunar eclipse) on the 19th. Energy levels may be slow to start the month but will steadily increase after the 4th. Learn more about Mercury Retrograde dates.

Pluto continues to approach its natal position in the chart of the USA (July 4, 1776). This is called a “Pluto return” and brings with it many, many changes. Mythologically, Pluto was the God of the Underworld, pulling things down into the depths to transform them and get them ready to be born again. As a nation, we are experiencing many shifts and it is critical to look at the potential good that can come about as a result.

It’s time to become more community oriented. It would behoove us to think about why ships stuck in the ocean are creating such shortages. True national security comes from local farms, businesses and investments. Putting money in neighborhood banks allows friends and neighbors the ability to flourish. Let’s see what we can do to help one another succeed.

Horoscope for Every Sign of the Zodiac

Aries: Don’t let friends make you feel frustrated about money on the 10th. Folks are likely to see things your way on the 15th & 16th. Expect the unexpected on the 17th.

Taurus: You sparkle and shine on the 17th & 18th. Intuition is very strong for you on the 18th. Your creativity is especially strong on the 30th & friends notice.

Gemini: You may find a way to bring more money into your work on the 6th. A road trip with friends could be lots of fun on the 18th. Everyone loves your ideas on the 28th & 29th.

Cancer: A fine discussion could be had with your significant other on the 6th. Children may create a bump in the road on the 19th. Work becomes more of a focus for you after the 21st.

Leo: Expect the unexpected on the 4th. Be careful not to overdo on the 15th, especially with your partner. A good time can be had with your significant other on the 30th.

Virgo: Fun is on your mind and everybody seems to love you on the 6th. Don’t let the job get you frustrated on the 10th. The 18th is an especially good day to have a big discussion with your mate.

Libra: Your words have extra honey behind them on the 6th. An intuition to increase your money flow is yours on the 19th. You are especially creative on the 30th.

Scorpio: Don’t let a strange dream upset you on the 2nd. Folks are likely to see things your way on the 3rd & 4th. A pleasant change may come your way on the 16th.

Sagittarius: Friends have some fun and unique ideas for you on the 1st. Don’t let hidden agendas cause you to overdo on the 15th. The tendency to say too much is yours on the 20th so be advised.

Capricorn: You sparkle and shine on the 8th & 9th. Don’t listen too hard on what friends are saying on the 10th. A dream may show you a way to make more money on the 30th.

Aquarius: Expect the unexpected in your career on the 4th. Impatience may cost you on the 17th. A dream could have a positive surprise for you on the 19th.

Pisces: A road trip could be exceptionally fun on the 12th. Ideas and intuitions are abundant on the 18th. Your energy levels are unusually high on the 29th.

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