Moon and the Gods

By Martha White
January 21, 2009
Solar Eclipse

The Moon is rich in history and folklore, and to many sky watchers, the Moon is home to the gods.

Plutarch, a first-century Greek essayist, considered it a way station for the coming and going of souls.

Lunar eclipses, some believed, were instances of the Moon being eaten up. Various rituals were enacted to bring the Moon back, whether from eclipse or its monthly new Moon phase disappearance.

“Shooting the Moon”—now an expression of great ambition—was an attempt to rekindle the light of the Moon with fiery arrows.


The 1994 Old Farmer's Almanac


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Not too long ago i was going

Not too long ago i was going thru these pages here and I saw an article about what different areas on earth ...basically i would see the man in the moon...someone else would see a man fishing..ect...could you plz help me find that article again?

Hi Joi, We do have an article

The Editors's picture

Hi Joi, We do have an article on "Man in the Moon" which mentions the different images people see in different areas on Earth. See here:

I love ro read articles abt

I love ro read articles abt the skies...

I Love this site !

I Love this site !