Night Sky for October 2019

Starring Jupiter and Saturn

By Bob Berman
September 30, 2019
Moon Meets Jupiter and Saturn
The Old Farmer's Almanac

Welcome to the Sky Watch for October 2019. Jupiter and Saturn dominate the night for all to see—with some lovely Moon pairings. Here are highlights of the night sky!

Sky Watch October 2019

by Bob Berman, as featured in The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn strut unchallenged in the southern sky nearly all evening long, although both start to set before dawn.

  • On October 3, spot the waxing crescent Moon at dusk. That dazzling planet shining right near its tip? It’s Jupiter! What a pair at nightfall!
  • On October 5, look for the Moon again. Now enjoy a close encounter between the First Quarter Moon and bright Saturn. 
  • On October 30 and 31, 2019, look again for king Jupiter to couple up with the Moon at dusk. How perfect for Halloween night!

Other Planets

  • Returning Venus, barely brightening and climbing, may be glimpsed very low in the west in evening twilight. When will you first spot it?
  • Mercury is down there too this month and, although less brilliant, is higher up and may be easier to see.
  • Mars, at an unimpressive magnitude +1.8, starts to rise ahead of the morning Sun, but it’s still subdued in solar glare.
  • Green Uranus comes into opposition on the 28th. In Pisces at magnitude 5.7, the seventh planet from the Sun is dimly visible to the naked eye away from city lights.

The Full Moon

  • The Full Moon rises on October 13, 5:08 P.M. (EDT). This is the Northern Hemisphere’s first full Moon of autumn. Learn more about the Full Hunter’s Moon.
  • The Moon goes right by Jupiter on Halloween! Spooky!

Go to the Almanac rise/set calculator to find out when the Moon and planets rise and set in your sky.


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