A Peek Into the Fall Forecast 2013 from The Old Farmer's Almanac

September 11, 2013
Playing in the fall leaves

Fall colors in Boston’s Public Gardens.

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Desiree Stadnick

Ready for autumn? Here is a peek into the fall 2013 weather forecast from The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

(A note: This forecast mainly focuses on September and October from the 2013 edition. Keep in mind that these forecasts were created almost 2 years ago—although they are still looking quite good! To get your forecast for November 2013 through October 2014, pick up a copy of The 2014 Old Farmer’s Almanac.)

Fall 2013 Forecast for the U.S.


For most of the nation, it appears that a pleasant fall season is in store with warmer-than-normal temperatures, especially in the Northeast and the Desert Southwest.

However, expect cooler-than-normal temperatures across the southeast and Deep South. A cooler fall is also expected in the western third of the nation—with possibility of an earlier-than-usual frost/freeze and some snow showers.

For the majority of the country, November will turn unseasonably cold as we move into a full-throttle winter. Be prepared to wear a warm and fuzzy Halloween costume and settle in for a big feast on Thanksgiving.


Rainfall will be near normal or below normal across most of the U.S. However, expect more precipitation inland from the Pacific Northwest, in pockets of the Midwest and Rockies, and parts of Florida and the Gulf Coast.

Conversely, there will be prolonged dry periods in the West and Texas. Read Evelyn’s post about drought predictions.

In terms of hurricanes, an above-average season is still in the cards. Expect hurricane threats in mid-October in Florida and the Southeast. See our hurricane forecast page.

Continue reading about the weather outlook for the upcoming winter.

Fall 2013 Forecast for Canada


Most of Canada will enjoy a nice, warm autumn, with above normal temperatures across most of the country.

(The only exception is Southern British Columbia which will be slighty cooler than normal.)


The country should be fairly dry, too. Precipitation in September and October will generally be below normal. Only the area British Columbia near the coast should have a rainy fall.

In November, however, the Atlantic Corridor with face more rain and wet snow than is average and southern Quebec will face above-normal precipitation with heavy snow towards the end of the month.

There is also be a tropical storm threat in mid-October, when Atlantic Canada should brace for an onslaught of storms and other areas to the west may have thunderstorm threats and chances of showers.

As Canada heads into winter, it goes topsy-turvy, with the eastern half enjoying above-normal winter temperatures, on average, while temperatures in most of the West will be below normal. See the 2014 Canadian edition to get the forecast for your region.

More About Fall

Notice the light shifting, temperatures dropping, and other signs that the seasons are slowly changing?

The autumnal equinox brings fall at 4:44 P.M. on September 22 this year all across the Northern Hemisphere. See our autumnal equinox page to learn more about this phenomenon that we call fall!

One of the many joys of fall in our area is the trees starting to show their true colors. Read why autumn leaves change color.

We wish all of our Almanac readers the joys of the autumn season!

–The Old Farmer’s Almanac

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this is coming from

this is coming from Wyoming,Ohio
and the OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC has been right on it in the weather dept. for this little city.
so keep up the great work!

weather has been accurate

weather has been accurate here for ny region 2 atlantic corridor. Thx

So far you guys have been

So far you guys have been 100% WRONG for Arkansas and the Deep South...We have averaged 5-10 deg ABOVE normal for the last two months and NO... repeat NO... rainfall at all. Perhaps you should try using a weather rock or dart board. At least that way you'd have a 50/50 chance of getting at least PART of it right.

Oh my goodness. These are

Oh my goodness. These are 'predictions.' Does your local weather person get your weather 100% CORRECT 100% of the time? Please be kind~!

Judith Vandermeer , I read

Judith Vandermeer , I read your post today concerning the weather in Arkansas and the Deep South . My advice to you is... Trust in God and know that he is incontrol of EVERTHING ! "Waether" we like it or not :) . Put your faith in him alone and he will LIGHT up your life with a 100% sunnier disposition .I know there is a better than 50/50 chance, I repeat, chance that you will be a more postive & compassionate human being if you make being KIND in WORD & DEED PART of your eveyday life . My Grandmother always said , complaining breaks Gods heart . When he hears us complain he must be wondering, "when I have given my children the whole world with its unspeakable beauty and grace ? And then the Greatest Gift of all .... My only son , Jesus Christ who died on the cross for you so that you will live forever with me in Heaven . Murmuring should be replaced with praise for all that God has blessed us with. Beliving this ,will change your life foever.