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Pet Food Recipe: Beef, Barley and Veggies

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My dogs, Jesse & Cooder.

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This is a user-submitted recipe and has not been tested. Please check your pet’s dietary and nutritional requirements with a Veterinarian before using this recipe.


10 cups of uncooked pot barley
A bag of frozen mixed veggies, or equivelant (in summer we use carrots, beans etc. out of our garden)
2 eggs
1kg ground beef, lamb or chicken

Cook pot barley in large soup pot for about 40 minutes adding water if needed.
Cook meat and veggies in a large pot, this will be half the size of the barley.
Process the meat and veggie with a hand mixer to incorporate all the meat and veggies together.
Mix the barley and meat mixture together.

This will make about 30 cups.

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