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Pet Food Recipe: Doggie Meatloaf

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Gunner, Haley, Wyatt, and Rebel enjoying a nice day outside.

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This is a user-submitted pet food recipe and has not been tested. Please check your pet’s dietary and nutritional requirements with a veterinarian before using this recipe.

This recipe is very economical and very healthy for our dogs. I always know what’s in the food they eat and there are no chemicals. I began making this when there were recalls of dog food and I was concerned for my dog’s health. Many friends have asked for my recipe. My two older dogs have outlived the average lifespan for their breeds by 5 years so far. Our vet is astounded. Enjoy!


5lb roll ground beef (may substitute or mix ground chicken also)
3 eggs
½ cup brown rice – cooked or uncooked
2 cups green beans – fresh or frozen
4-5 chopped or ground carrots or sweet potatoes - fresh, frozen or canned
3-4 cups beef or chicken broth
1 large can chopped tomatoes
6-8 peeled and cooked potatoes (potato skins aren’t good for dogs). May substitute dry instant potato flakes (about 2 cups).
¼ cup wheat germ
½ cup oats

In the largest bowl you own, mix all together. Wear gloves and include the kids – this is fun and messy! It’s a little easier to mix it all if the vegetables are ground in a food processor first. You can add some cooked or uncooked pasta, chicken pulled from the bones, other vegetables, even some stale crackers if you like. My dogs love just a little cheese too.

Mix until it’s the consistency of regular meatloaf adding more broth or water as necessary. Some batches require more liquid if they have pasta or more rice and such in them. Spread in the largest pan you have. I use my lasagna pan. Bake at 375°F for about 40-50 minutes. It will smell delicious. My dogs sit and stare at the oven when I make it.

Cool and serve or cut into squares and refrigerate or freeze. This is a large batch and freezes well for smaller dogs. Larger dogs get a larger square. I have one large dog, one medium dog and one small dog. All three take about 2 weeks to eat the entire pan.