Sky Watch: March 2015

February 27, 2015
Sky Watch

Welcome to this month's Sky Watch, courtesy of The Old Farmer's Almanac. We'll tell you the best times to view celestial highlights, including conjunctions, meteor showers, and planets. 

Sky Watch March 2015

by Bob Berman, as featured in The 2015 Old Farmer's Almanac
(Note: Times listed below are ET.)

The Moon meets Jupiter, which has retrograded into Cancer, on the 2nd.

Venus stands very near Uranus on the 4th, with Mars below them, in Pisces. Orange Mars has a close conjunction with green Uranus on the 11th, with dazzling Venus above; use binoculars.

The 20th brings the vernal equinox at 6:45 P.M. and a Total Eclipse of the Sun! This eclipse will happen over the Faroe Islands, off Scotland; the path of totality then marches directly to—and stops at—the North Pole. See our 2015 eclipse page

The crescent Moon meets Mars on the 21st and passes to the left of Venus on the 22nd. Jupiter hovers near the Moon on the 29th.

Sky Map March 2015

Use our Sky Maps (Star Charts) to locate the stars, planets, and other objects in the sky. 

We offer printable sky maps, too, to help you know what you're seeing when you look up!

Click here for our March 2015 Sky Map!


The 2015 Old Farmer's Almanac


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