Starting from Seed

February 3, 2009

Vegetables Seeds Best Sown in the Ground

Beans, bush and pole \Endive \Potatoes

Beets Kale Radishes

Carrots Kohlrabi Spinach

Collards Mustard greens Squash, summer and winter

Corn Parsnips Swiss chard

Cucumbers Peas Turnips

Vegetables Best Started Indoors

Seed Name\Weeks* Seed Name Weeks*

Basil 6 Eggplant 8-10

Broccoli 6-8 Leeks 8-12

Brussels sprouts 4-8 Lettuce 4-6

Cabbage 6-8 Onions 10-12

Cauliflower 6-8 Parsley 8

Celeriac 6-8 Peppers 8-10

Celery 6-8 Sweet Marjoram 8

Chives 8-12 Tomatoes 6-8

* Number of weeks before the last frost in the spring

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