Succession Gardening Chart

June 21, 2019
Succession Gardening

See our successive gardening chart listing last planting dates for second-season crops. To calculate the best time to plant your second (or third!) vegetable crop, look at the first expected frost dates in the chart and choose the date that comes closest.

If you do not know your frost dates, see our handy frost date calculator

In successive gardening, the idea is that you plant one crop after another to increase your harvest. If some crops such as radish only take a few weeks until harvest, you’ll want to use that space for a second crop!  Other vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers are long-lasting and keep bearing fruit. Still others such as Brussels sprouts stay in the ground as they taste best after a first frost.

Ideally, you plan ahead with a planting schedule so you know how long different vegetables take to reach maturity. Our Garden Planner has a successive planting tool.

See our video on succession planting and how to yield more from your vegetable garden.


Last Planting Dates for Second-Season Crops
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How many days till harvest in zone 7a. If planted on St.Patrick's Day?


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It depends on the variety of potato. Check out our Potatoes Growing Guide to learn more!