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Enjoy wonderful, winning SUN photos from Almanac readers!

Winning Sun Contest Photos

Florida Sunset

Credit: Stephen Rosenberg

Eugene Allwine
Titled, “Sunrise”

Don Loken
Titled, “Kansas Sunset.”
“Sun ducking under a cloud near Kansas/Colorado border.”

Joseph Edwards
Titled, “Backlit Flag”
The beautiful Stars and Stripes backlit by the sun.

american flag backlit by the sun

Dorothy May
Titled, “Serendipity at Sunset.”
The serendipity of a seagull crossing the sun during vibrant sunrise over Lake Superior.

sunrise with seagull crossing sun


Carol Brown
Titled, “Last Minutes of the Day.”

Pink sunset on beach with dog

Jen Anderson
Titled, “Key West Sunset Cruise.” A sunset view from a catamaran. Ahhh! 

Key West Sunset Sailing Cruise from Catamaran


Kat Szmit
Titled, “Sunrise on Spofford Lake.” An October sunrise lights up the sky and the water. 

Sunrise on lake with fog


Cathy Leite
Titled, “Sunset Over the Lake.”

Sunset over lake


Kate Stinnett
Titled “Crepuscular Sun Rays.”

Crepuscular Sun Rays


Jessica Crawford
Titled “Dandelion Wishes.” A subtle photo, we were caught by the way the glowing sunset backlit the dandelion’s white seed head.

Dandelion Sun Picture

Sarah Lomas
Photo taken at Palisades Park in Santa Monica, CA

Sue Hammye Click to send ecard!

Sun and lighthouse

We loved the imagination employed in this photo—with the rays on the hosta shoots and dewy grass.

Sun rays on hosta shoots


Bernadette McGeney Smith  

Sunset on the beach

Peggy Stenglein
We were struck by the way the morning Sun shines through these jars. What an original way to see the Sun! Send ecard!

Sunlight through Ball Jars

Granny Mary
Simple but breathtaking, we were taken by Granny Mary’s “office view” in Sheridan, Oregon.

Pink sunset and clouds

Patricia Abbate
Titled, “Peaceful Sunset: Sun sets on the bay, Hull, MA.” Nature’s own masterpiece.

Sunset of dock

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