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October 21, 2015
Wedding Planning

Enjoy these winning wedding photos—and we thank our readers for sharing their pictures with the Almanac community.

NOTE: This contest ended in 2010. Wedding photo submissions are no longer being accepted.

Winning Wedding Photos

“Generations of Love”

Credit: Rebekah Baumunk

“Our wedding was held at my parents family farm where I grew up. My husband and I thought it would be a great idea to include a photo booth full of pictures of our relatives on their special day. What a great way to show the generations of love that have grown in our families throughout the years!”


“Our Wedding With Our Children”

Credit: Jason Casey
“Our Wedding with our children … beautiful day!! This picture was taken by a friend that just happened to be standing there shooting random shots. We absolutely love this photo … it totally captures the love of our family and for each other.”

“Winter Wedding Wonderland”

Credit: Brad Boardman
“My bride and I went to take pictures on a calm winter day, only to be engulfed in a winter blizzard. It was cold, but the picture turned out great.”
Editor’s note: We love the church in the distance that you can barely see through the snow.

CJ and Tiffany”

Credit: Susan Jones


“A September Love Storm”

Credit: Melanie Siegrest
“We got married at the highest point in Lancaster County, PA, surrounded by fields as far as we could see. After our “reveal,” this storm rolled in; you could see the rain in the distance and the storm clouds. We loved it. It was BEAUTIFUL.”


“A September Kind of Love”

Credit: Aimee Hudson
“Just as the sun was about to set. It was such a wonderful day filled with love!”


“Bride in Bliss”

Credit: dmoker
Editor note: How could we not notice this shot? What a unique setting. Very Americana.

“Happy Groom”

Credit: jessielynne21
Editor note: The title says it all.


Enchanted Wedding

Credit: Michael Roberts
“It was truly a fairytale garden for this wedding! I took this photo of our dear friends wedding in Washington Oaks State Park in Palm Coast, Florida.”


“Shawn & Jamie”

Credit: jamie27
Editor note: We loved the glimpse of spontaneity—more candid than posed.


A Stroll Through the Garden

Credit: Candice Chisholm (Mother of the Groom)
“My son’s wedding took place in my yard, and just after the wedding my son, his new wife and his daughter took a stroll through the garden.”


“I Do”

Credit: Elizabeth Cayton
“Adam and I were married on the beach at Emerald Isle, N.C. It was the most beautiful day and memory and bride could want to have!!!!”


Jump for Joy!

Credit: Photo taken by my brother Kirk Strader. Submitted by Charisse.
“My husband and I were so excited to get married we literally jumped for joy!”

NOTE: This contest ended in 2010. Wedding photo submissions are no longer being accepted.

If you’re planning a wedding—or, just love to think about love and its customs (as we do!—enjoy our Wedding Planning page!

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Ron and Monica destination

Ron and Monica destination wedding in beautiful
Montego Bay, Jamaica.

"She floats his boat"

"She floats his boat"

I love the Toyota Jump!

I love the Toyota Jump!

our wedding day Aug 1st Were

our wedding day Aug 1st Were older but getting better$&^^&( We think