Winners of The 2014 Old Farmers' Almanac Giveaway

September 9, 2013

Listed below are the 222 winners of the 222nd edition of The Old Farmer's Almanac!

We will email you soon to request a shipping address and send you a paperback copy of The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac.

Thank you to all of our wonderful fans!  We were so very humbled by the kind comments on our contest page.

The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac will be in stores everywhere on Tuesday, September 10.  Or, you can buy now in our Web store, too!

The 222 Winners (Drawn at Random)

Kathy Frame
Rebecca Heroff
Jan White
Clifton Evans
Connie Pletl
William Hertan
colleen quigley
Sandra  Engebose
Kelly Macjewski
Megan McDonald
Zana Nichols
Melanie Mize
Robert Smitahrt
Corey Jennings
Patricia Meister
David Colter
Cathy Armstrong
Jodi  Boas
Shannon  Meyer
Katherine Dunsmore
David Moore
Jennifier Livingston
Laura Campbell
Elizabeth Spitzer
David Gilmore
Karen Severns
Carol Saseen
Janie James
Helen Speight
Lisa Richardson
Kathy Blizzard
joan lineman
Jenny Teague
Sharon  Cheney
amy ehret
Randall Tompkins
Jennifer  Saddison
lisa koellen
Glenda Phillips
Douglas Schrank
Katherine Roth
carole stabile
Dan Hamer
Christina Landino
Cheryl Cronon
Marilyn Gunn
Niccole Tapp
Brent Barnhill
John Quinlan
Gabrielle Smith
Ron Neithinger
Christy Naylor
Carrie Joyner
Brenda Pritchard
Glenda Eslinger
Lisa Miracle
Wesley Henry
Maynard Gridley
jackie tessnair
Connie Morris
David Lipkin
Rina Mason
michelle pryor
Natalie Krall
Frank Gyomory
connie landry
Leslie Brown
Juanita Allen
David Collins
Cindy Henderson
sandra fila
Cherrie Lamon
Cheryl DeGroat
Candace Berg
Tina Barry
Paula Williams
Ken Bazata
cylina williams
Robert Kimball
Gail Chenard
kurt hannula
conny  otte
Todd Reliford
Tiffany Beavers
Donna Getch
Peggy Switzer
A Rubin
Sheila Oatman
Adm Alicea
Eugene Wood
Charlene Dowdy
Linda Nelson
Karen Bunch
Max Moss
eileen kainu
Brandon Gartner
Krissy Rezzelle
Elaine Smith
cher reed
Jack Hall
Carol Dameron
marian sheldon
Kathy Bondar
Ruthie Dumas
liz cawthon
Martha Gau
Bobbie Mills
donna waters
Cheryl French
Diane McGuire
Terry Borgerding
irvin burns
Taylor Souter
Amy Salthouse
Marla Reeves
Joan Swinehart
Mary Welsh
Denise Miller
Kelley Giffen
Samuel Wells
Tina Broussard
Susan Alles
Denise DiMarzo
Greg Fern
alberto benauro
todd rumsey
theresa forbes
Robert Frey
Douglas MacPherson
Charles ERASMI
Tara Overby
Mary Stanfield
Stephanie Redden
stephanie kobialka
Beth Hooper
paula harris
missy wilber
Michelle Lachance
cheryl burns
Treasure Basden
Karen Elliott
Emily Yelton
Daniel Rogers
Patty McAndrew
Wendy Noer
Sherry Treadaway
donna lapinski
Sara Sams
Scott Hedrick
Rosemarie Romesburg
Amy Mangus
Scottie Hodge
patricia ochmanski
Ronald Hook
Brenda Ford
Linda D. Brown
sue valdes
Sherrie Rainsberger
Grace Eggleston
Stacy Williamson
Rose Santuci-Sofranko
Jane Hunt
April O'Byrne
Tara  Fink
Jerry Frantz
Donna McNally
Becky SAtiltner
Ashley Domes
John Hegeler
homer witten
Samantha Towns
Jerry Ferguson
Shirley Nishida
Susan Smith
sue dunn
Vickie McGrew
christopher harner
Lorraine Hamblin
Kenneth Helmick
christine devine
Valerie Strand
Marcie Lowe
mike fonder
James Long
Karen  Ellis
Diane Cantara
Celia Cruz
Crystal Blair
Michele Crabill
sheila selzer
Becky Collis
Jim Novencido
Janet Daly
Patty Baumann
dennis fitzpatrick
angela ritchie
Beverly Metcalf
Laura Campbell
el em
Nanci Villotti
dave randall
Jane Phipps
Melissa Tippie
Ricka Smith
Chrys Hamper
Marie Nadeau
patty Bange
Rafael Rodriguez
Antonio Pontoriero
Brenda Woodward
Marilyn Fazio
monique mauro
Barbara Theobald
Jayne Mundel
Joseph McAllister
Tom Bailey
berneita ellis



Reader Comments

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My name is on the list of

My name is on the list of winners and have still not received an email requesting shipping information. Have checked spam folder and still have seen nothing. Can you resend? Thanks.

Hi, Donna, We have sent your

The Editors's picture

Hi, Donna, We have sent your note to our staff to make sure that they contact you again. If it helps, you can email us directly here and then we can reply (to avoid any spam or spelling issues or whatever happened!):
Sincerely, Catherine, OFA staff

Ug! hadn't heard anything but

Ug! hadn't heard anything but I was still hoping then I found this. :-( Had to pass up buying it at the store due to lack of funds (and continued hope of winning)... such is the story of a small farmer. Guess I'll start saving my pennies...

How do I get the prize that I

How do I get the prize that I won ?
I have no idea what to do to get it.
Thank you for the help.
First time winning anything

Hi Samuel, Please check your

The Editors's picture

Hi Samuel, Please check your email box. We sent every winner an email requesting their shipping address. Check your spam filter? Just let us know here if you did NOT receive our email. Thanks, Catherine, Almanac staff

This past spring I discovered

This past spring I discovered the OFA for the first time. I can't tell you what a difference it has made in my garden. Although I was not one of the winners for a free almanac, I will definitely be purchasing one. I can't imagine gardening without it, now. Thank you to all the contributors for outstanding work and giving us quality literature. I've learned so much over the summer and it is all due to the enriching and enlightening contents of the almanac. Congratulations to all the winners!

Melissa, Thank you! We will

The Editors's picture

Melissa, Thank you! We will share YOUR comment with all the editors who will be so happy to hear their efforts are proving useful to you. That is, indeed, our goal. Thank you, too, for your patronage of our little yellow book and small business! --Your OFA editors

Awww, shucks:( Nonetheless,

Awww, shucks:( Nonetheless, it was a generous opportunity to win, thanks for that. As I read many of the comments, all were well acquainted with the Almanac, but I am a newbie. Of course, I've seen a variety of almanacs over the years, but I've become interested in yours specifically when I saw it referenced on the Internet (not sure where or in what form, like an ad). So, I'll just be sure to purchase my copy at our local hardware store!

Christina, Welcome! It's

The Editors's picture

Christina, Welcome! It's interesting to hear that you discovered this almanac online! We've added the online efforts as a free Companion to The Old Farmer's Almanac and hope to keep it that way. THANK YOU for picking up a copy this year! We hope that it meets--and exceeds--your expectations. Sincerely, Bob

Thank you for the great

Thank you for the great drawing - I'm so excited to win an Almanack ... have read them for years, save all of them, and give them to my friends each year for Christmas ... Great Gifts!

AWESOME! I am so excited!

AWESOME! I am so excited! Thank you!

HOORAY!!! I am so excited

HOORAY!!! I am so excited that I won.. I LOVE the Almanac ~ & have read it for years! THANKS!

It didn't stop me from

It didn't stop me from getting the collectors series! I swear by the Almanac and people are shocked that I am in tune with the season....if they only read the Almanac!
fwiw...i will also be purchasing a paperback copy when it hits the newsstands. I love the knowledge contained and the prose.

Mandy, Your words -- "in tune

The Editors's picture

Mandy, Your words -- "in tune with the season" -- that's brilliant and exactly how we feel ourselves. Thank you for being a loyal reader. We hope the new edition delivers on your expectations. Kind regards, the OFA editors

Garret, On-the-ground

The Editors's picture

Garret, On-the-ground reporting! This is great. Thanks for sharing, Garret. We have an annual Winter Photo and Video Contest. Consider this entered! Best, the OFA editors

Yeah, because they will eBay

Yeah, because they will eBay them asap and make super cash? maybe they might share them, and whats better than the gift of reading? maybe they should run out and but those lotto scams people seem to love, since they seem to be lucky. congrats everyone, great work, and if you by chance get to keep these, I hope you share the wealth, and joy of reading, and thinking!

My name was not chosen but I

My name was not chosen but I thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win. I have always enjoyed the Farmer's Almanac and will continue enjoying for as long as we both shall live.

Many thanks, Judy. We

The Editors's picture

Many thanks, Judy. We appreciate your kind words. --Catherine, Almanac editor

Well my name wasnt on list

Well my name wasnt on list but was fun trying. will try to purchase one online. Thanks anyway. LaMoine.

LaMoine, Your sentiment makes

The Editors's picture

LaMoine, Your sentiment makes our day. Thank you for your interest in The Old Farmer's Almanac--and all the best to you. --Bob, Almanac staff

I want one, how how I get

I want one, how how I get one? Thank u in advance...

Hi Marylou, The Old Farmer's

The Editors's picture

Hi Marylou, The Old Farmer's Almanac "Debut Day" is tomorrow--Tuesday, September 10. It will be available in local stores, especially bookstores and newsstands. You can also find it on our Web site here: There are different options from the classic paperback to hardcover to digital. Thank you!

Seriously? There are THREE

Seriously? There are THREE Barbara Theobalds that won???? Seriously?

Don't mean to complain, but I

Don't mean to complain, but I see quite a few duplications and they are names that are uncommon enough that it probably isn't just people with the same name.

How did monique mauro and

How did monique mauro and Barbara Theobald both win multiple times? That's not fair to 4 other people that could have won.

Hello, everyone, Thanks for

The Editors's picture

Hello, everyone, Thanks for your watchful eyes! We're replacing any dupes now. (It was a cut-and-paste typo.) All the names were selected at random. Please know there are a couple people on the list with common names, but are two different people! We are giving away 222 free Almanacs to 222 unique winners!

three times for Barbara, also

three times for Barbara, also monique mauro, maybe meant Michelle King

monique mauro Barbara

monique mauro
Barbara Theobald
monique mauro
Barbara Theobald
monique mauro
Barbara Theobald


Barbara Theobald won twice

Barbara Theobald won twice maybe you meant Barbara Anderson