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Winter Photo and Video Contest

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Enjoy the winning pictures from The Old Farmer’s Almanac Winter Photo Contest.

Don’t Almanac readers take some stunning wintertime photos?  We thank all of our readers for sharing the beauty over the years. You can find ALL of the winter photo entries in our picture gallery.

Winter Photo Contest Winners


2014–2015 Winner: “Frozen in Time”

Credit: Dave Segar
This is a truly unique photo that captures a moment in time. 

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20132014 Winner: “Looking for Signs of Spring”

Credit: Connie Still
Love the color! We’ve never seen so many cardinals all at once. We couldn’t resist the orginality of this photo.

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2012 –2013 Winner: “Winter Woodpecker”
Seeing the bird through frost-covered branches added interest to this picture. We enjoyed the composition, pattern, and colors.

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“Winter Reflection”

Credit: Tammy Link

“Little Bantam in the Snow”

Credit: blessed1indeed
We love this unusual shot with the off-white of the chicken against the snow—plus, the striking contrast of the beak and comb.


“Halfingers love snow!”

Credit: Bert’s Buck-Up Ranch
You can feel the energy in this photo.


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