Dear Friends of The Old Farmer’s Almanac

March 25, 2020

For 228 years, people have turned to The Old Farmer’s Almanac for advice and wisdom in times of uncertainty. This remains true now more than ever before.

As happens every spring, our staff is hard at work on the upcoming 2021 edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. While this hasn’t changed, a lot has. Even though our offices in Dublin, New Hampshire, remain closed, many of our colleagues are working from home. Routines and priorities have shifted.

We’re all weathering this storm the best we can. This is as true for us as it is for you. Things are shifting quickly, and we’re all adapting. What is unwavering is our dedication to being “useful, with a pleasant degree of humor” today, tomorrow, and well into the future. As you can imagine, we’ve been through a lot in 228 years and still managed to come out on the other side. We will this time, too, and so will you.

While we encourage you to stay on top of current events, it’s just as important to take a break. Begin a new hobby. Improve your skills in an old one. Learn something new. Get outside. Find a reason to laugh. It is our goal during these challenging times to help you with all of this while also providing time-tested and true advice to manage your home, health, and happiness.

On our Web site,, we’re working to curate content that’s useful and timely, including tips for spring-cleaning and sanitizing, how to socially distance, and spring allergy relief. We will also continue to provide the best advice on gardening, astronomy, food & cooking, home & health, seasonal events, and, of course, the weather. Plus, with our library of Growing Guides, you can learn how to grow your favorite vegetables, herbs, and flowers right at home.

For kids stuck at home, we’ve launched our Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids Web site with free stories and fun projects like Plant a Grocery Garden, The Reasons for the Seasons, Make Every Day Special, and Springtime Fun Around the World. Straight from the pages of the Almanac for Kids, these articles and activities—and many more like them!—keep spirits high and young minds engaged, entertained, and learning. If you’re not doing so already, consider following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and/or signing up for our free newsletters. These daily doses of the Almanac can continue to provide a respite from the events of the day by looking to the sky and exploring the world with a turn toward the fundamentals of gardening, food, natural remedies, and do-it-yourself projects.

Things may feel a little unsteady right now, but the simple pleasures in life remain: gardening, making a meal, staring up at the stars, enjoying the outdoors, working with our hands, and treasuring our loved ones. (Speaking of hands: Be sure to wash yours!) We believe that The Old Farmer’s Almanac can help you to find joy and peace in many different ways.

Take care of yourself, and remember—as has been true since 1792—we’re always here for you!

Your Friends in The Old Farmer’s Almanac Family

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Thank you and be safe...and a weather question

Just wanted to say thank you, and be safe.

And I have a weather question: With the enormous drop in emissions across the world due to travel bans, quarantines, etc. around the world, do you think that will affect weather patterns any?

emissions effect on weather??

The Editors's picture

It seems likely that the current affect on emissions will not last long enough to have any major influence on climate. The Earth’s weather system is very complex and is also impacted by ocean currents and many other factors. And so, while we can’t completely rule out some changes in the weather patterns over the next few months due to the impact of coronavirus, any changes that do occur should be short-lived and probably relatively minor.


Thank you for being a constant in our lives! You're a bright wholesome spot in my day,everyday. My prayer is that you all stay well, and remember to thank our God for the hope we have!

One thing I enjoy in my e-mail ( Farmers Almanac

Thank you all for all the information that you send us in the e-mail. I look forward to it.

Thank you and may everyone

Thank you and may everyone stay well and safe.

Love Farmers Almanac


Poems and Pictures, recipes, facts for the season,

Thank You
Love Farmers Almanac

so grateful

thank you, I am finding I really do like routine, and will be glad when I can go eat some great comfort food at the Black Bear Diner, and I can buy the butter I want. You are such a nice firm foundational kind of thing in these strange times. Bless you all

Beginning of the page

Will you ever publish a booklet of the little poems & vignettes at the beginning of each days page? I just love opening up my page & finding a little inspiration at the beginning of my day!

Keep Safe

I'm so glad to know many of your staff are working from home. I noticed life had changed when viewing your web cam.

Thank you for letting us know.

Thank You

You guys are America's lifeline weaving the past and the future together with the present. I thank you for your dedication in times both full and fallow.

Thank you... all of you keeping The Old Farmer's Almanac up and running and covering this global circumstance in the practical and positive manner you have. Thank you especially to whoever chose such an apropos - and immune boosting! - poem for today's cover. :)

Thank You

I too want to say thank you for the ray of sunshine that you bring to my life each and every day.
In these troubled times, it's nice to have the OFA as a safety net of sanity.


Thanks for such an upbeat letter. I would add look to nature for some joy each day. Last night in Virginia, the stars were beautiful. My dog makes me smile most of the time. If we just open our eyes and look for it, joyous moments will find us! We are a gritty, determined collection of people and we will ride this storm out.

I just want to thank you for

I just want to thank you for starting my day, everyday, on a positive note!

Thank you!

Best part of my morning is reading the newsletter. A breath of sanity in this crazy time. Stay safe and this too shall pass.

in times of uncertainty

"For 228 years, people have turned to The Old Farmer’s Almanac for advice and wisdom in times of uncertainty." For a little longer than that, people have turned to the Bible. God, the Author of scripture, has spoken. There is hope and life for those who have placed their trust in Him. Now and eternal. That is certain.

A Great Big Thank You!

Thanks and blessings to all at OFA. I look forward to reading your newsletter every morning, it never fails to brighten my day.
We WILL get through the strange times we are experiencing right now. In the meantime I truly appreciate the efforts of everyone working to give us the newsletter. Stay safe and well!!!

1918 cover &/or stories

With 228 yrs out there, do you have any stories & 1918 cover to share to get a glimpse of that time 100+ yrs ago/another pandemic "year". I imagine there are some things timeless no matter the year or circumstances & we can see time marches on, gardens & weather & sage advice is out there to see us through no matter if 1918, 1919 or 1920 or 2020?!

Short stories and mysteries

Years ago, OFA used to include some very good short stories and mysteries about New England, made it al the more interesting and fun. Please return to that practice, bring back a couple of stories in each issue. And in the meantime, take good care and stay well.
Thank you!


Ditto the above comment! Thank you "Farmers Almanac" for helping all of us through this difficult time in our history.

Health to the staff as readers at OFA

Praying that everyone stays strong and healthy, that those who are sick recover, and that our nation and our world emerge from this darkness very soon.