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December Edition of The Old Farmer's Almanac Monthly Digital Magazine

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Aimee Seavey and Sarah Perreault
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December is the month of holiday cheer! In the pages of the December edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Monthly Digital Magazine, you’ll find tips on how to make Christmas last longer, the legend of St. Nicholas, a holiday guide to indoor blooms, delicious cookie recipes for your next cookie exchange, and so much more. Here are a few tidbits from inside the pages of next month’s issue:

December Edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Monthly Digital Magazine

• This month’s moon is the Full Cold Moon, which occurs on December 6th at 7:27 a.m. EST.

Photo credit: Krivosheev Vitaly/shutterstock.com

• December got its name from the Latin word decem, meaning “ten,” because this was the 10th month of the early Roman calendar.

• For centuries, the evening of December 5th has been one of celebration in parts of Europe: In Belgium and the Netherlands, a fellow dressed as St. Nicholas would arrive by ship on December 6 and ride a white horse (or a donkey) through the towns, handing out gifts.

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• Looking for an indoor plant for the holidays? Try the Cyclamen! This long-blooming plant should be kept evenly moist in a cool north window or where the sunlight is not too strong.

• When hosting a cookie swap, ask swappers to bring about three dozen of their favorite cookies, plus several copies of the recipe.

Photo credit: Aimee Seavey and Sarah Perreault

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