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Dog Treat Recipes to Make at Home: Reader-Submitted

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One yellow and one black Lab with their patriotic leis on!

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Dog treat recipes that you make at home have many benefits: control of ingredients, no preservatives, avoiding allergies, and more!

The recipes below were submitted by readers for the benefit of our community. Please note that they have not been tested. You may wish to check your pet’s dietary and nutritional requirements with a veterinarian before using them.

These two recipes didn’t make the “cut”—but provided us with a laugh nonetheless:

So these two farmers were discussing the merits of their respective hunting dogs, when one asks, “so what do you feed your dog?”
“Turnips? My dog would never eat turnips!”
“Well, mine wouldn’t either, the first couple of weeks.”

—Roger Perrone

1. Get in car.
2. Drive to veterinarians office.
3. Pay girl at desk for food.
4. Take home.
5. Open bag.
6. Fill bowl.
7. Serves 1.

—James Moore

Winning Dog Treat Recipe to Make at Home

We chose two winning recipes and many runner-ups below. Most of the recipes submitted were for dogs, but there were some cat food recipes, too!
Peanut Butter Carrot Cake by Emily Adamson
Zeke’s Yumola Buddy Bars by Mary Shaver

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