Easter Sunday Forecast 2020

Find Out What Weather Easter Has in Store!

March 31, 2020
Easter Eggs & Daffodils

What weather will Easter Sunday bring? Almanac meteorologist Michael Steinberg shares his Easter forecast—and some rhyming weather predictions for the rest of April, too!

2020 Easter Sunday Forecast

Given that Easter’s date changes every year, it’s always hard to pin down how the weather will be. Too rainy for that Easter egg hunt? Too hot for a glazed ham? Let’s take a look at what weather to expect on Easter, which will be celebrated this year on Sunday, April 12.

On Easter weekend, expect nothing worse than rain showers across the United States—no snowstorms or major severe weather outbreaks are likely. Phew!

Although showers may dampen Easter bonnets from the Southeast westward to Texas, you’ll find that from the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley westward through the Great Plains, most of the United States will have moderate to warm temperatures—not hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk, but warm enough for a very pleasant outdoor Easter egg hunt in the garden.

And other than some snow flurry chill in Yukon and the Northwest Territories, temperatures should be on the mild side across much of Canada on Easter. Keep your umbrellas handy, though, as rainy periods may dampen outdoor festivities everywhere but Quebec.

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A Well-Versed Forecast for April

Since April is National Poetry Month time,
I’ll give you the weather within silly rhyme:

On the 1st comes a day some say named for me,
But I hope when they say this that joking they’ll be.

In the Upper Midwest, April Fools’ won’t be funny—
You may get a snowstorm and not weather sunny.

For the eve of the 8th, I call for night’s fall
And send Passover tidings to one and to all.

The 10th is Good Friday, plus Siblings Day—
My brother and sister are well, I do pray!

Easter Sunday the 12th should be sunny and flowery,
Except from the Plains to the Lakes, where ’twill be showery.

In the U.S., the 15th means income tax due,
And even with gray skies, I always feel blue.

On the 19th comes National Garlic Day,
When I eat it to keep werewolves and family away.

The 22nd brings Earth Day edition #50:
Remember to reuse, recycle, and be thrifty!

It’s also Administrative Professionals Day,
Which is something my assistant told me to say.

The 24th is Arbor Day, so go plant a tree.
Please do me a favor: Don’t plant it on me.

The 26th is Pretzel Day, so eat one with glee, 
But don’t expect one as twisted as me.

Morse Code Day’s the 27th, but I’ll do nothing rash
Beyond ending this line with dot dash dot dash dot dash.

Of course, it’s time for the end of the jokes,
So I’ll just finish with “Dot’s all, folks!”

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