Best Days for February 2018

Which Days are Best for Certain Activities?

By Celeste Longacre
January 19, 2018
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Here is a snapshot of the Best Days for the month of February 2018—from Best Days to quit smoking to Best Days to cut hair.

These dates, deemed to be propitious in astrology, are based on the astrological passage of the Moon. However, consider all indicators before making any major decisions. 


Advertise to sell: 6, 7

Ask for a loan: 3, 7

Begin diet to gain weight: 17, 26

Begin diet to lose weight: 3, 7

Buy a home: 17, 22

Color hair: 21, 22

Cut hair to discourage growth: 4, 5

Cut hair to encourage growth: 21, 22

Get married: 4, 5

Have dental care: 2, 3

Move (house/household): 23, 24

Perm hair: 13–15

Quit smoking: 3, 7

Straighten hair: 8–10

Travel for pleasure: 1, 27, 28

Wean children: 3, 7

Around The House

Bake: 25, 26

Brew: 6, 7

Can, pickle, or make sauerkraut: 6, 7

Demolish: 6, 7

Dry fruit/vegetables/meat: 8, 9

End projects: 14

Lay shingles: 1, 27, 28

Make jams/jellies: 16, 17

Paint: 4, 5, 21, 22

Start projects: 16

Wash floors: 16, 17

Wash windows: 18–20


Begin logging: 11, 12

Go camping: 8–10

Go fishing: 15–28

Set posts or pour concrete: 11, 12

In The Garden

Destroy pests and weeds: 18–20

Graft or pollinate: 25, 26

Harvest aboveground crops: 21, 22

Harvest belowground crops: 2, 3, 11, 12

Mow to decrease growth: 6, 7

Mow to increase growth: 18–20

Pick fruit: 2, 3

Plant aboveground crops: 16, 17, 25, 26

Plant belowground crops: 6, 7

Prune to discourage growth: 8–10

Prune to encourage growth: 18–20

On The Farm

Breed animals: 6, 7

Castrate animals: 13–15

Cut hay: 18–20

Purchase animals: 25, 26

Set eggs: 4, 5, 24

Slaughter livestock: 6, 7

Wean animals: 3, 7

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Best days for surgery

I had a friend that used the "Old Farmers Almanac" to schedule her surgeries. I can not locate this information in the "Old Farmers Almanac." I always go to the page like what is above. I am suppose to have one surgery on 2-23-18, but i do not know when the second surgery will be. These have to be on Fridays because that is the only day this doctor does surgery. Thank you for your help.

Read below for a laugh this Monday Morning. :)

When I first got married my Mother gave me an "Old Farmers Almanac" for my birthday. My husband laughed at me and made fun of me, but I did not care love reading the stories and information in them. However, it got to where i could not locate my "Old Farmers Almanac." Well, it got to where he was reading it and planning the snow ski trips, and other trips.


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