Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas


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Enjoy four of our Christmas gift ideas this year! They’re unique, American-crafted, and trusted by the editors of The Old Farmer’s Almanac!

All of the below products—and many more—can be found in the General Store here.

Sun Face Hanging Votive


The Sun is stamped from 20-ga. steel and then colored by an open flame. The resulting pattern is unique, and colors can include bronze, black, gray, green and blue. $26.95

Seed-Saving Kit


Fun, economical way to restart your favorites next year! Recycled steel case, glassine envelopes and seed tins with labels, harvest and processing chart, stakes, pencil, directions. 




No more slimy vegetables! Keep all kinds of humidity-loving perishable vegetables and herbs fresh, crisp, and tasty for a week or more.  $16.95–$18.95

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Hod


These handsome and sturdy 2-peck wood and wire baskets, originally intended for gathering in the garden, are great for storing knitting, toys, crafts, garden tools, fireplace kindling, and much more!  Made in the USA. $49.95


2015 November Almanac Extra!

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