long range weather Predictions for May 2017

May 2017 Weather Forecast

April 25, 2017
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Here are the May 2017 long range weather forecasts for the U.S. and Canada, courtesy of The 2017 Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Keep in mind that the forecasts presented below are based on “long range” predictions, which means that they were created many months ago to help gardeners, travelers, and weather watchers plan ahead. See how The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts the weather.

So, we would advise treating long range predictions as you might trends, giving you a general sense of typical weather and how much the season might deviate from normal. Weather patterns can shift by a week and unexpected dynamics can occur. Ever year is different! That said, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is traditionally 80% accurate, having predicted weather since George Washington’s days as president.


U.S. Forecasts for May 2017

Region 1: Northeast

Temp. 57° (2° above avg.); precip. 4” (0.5” above avg.). 1–6 A few showers, cool. 7–11 T-storms, warm. 12–23 Sunny, warm. 24–31 T-storms, turning cool.

Region 2: Atlantic Corridor

Temp. 60.5° (1.5° below avg.); precip. 5” (2” above avg.). 1–4 Rainy periods, cool. 5–6 Sunny, warm. 7–13 Rainy periods, cool. 14–22 Sunny; warm, then cooler. 23–31 Scattered t-storms, warm.

Region 3: Appalachians

Temp. 60° (avg.); precip. 5” (1” above avg.). 1–6 Showers, then sunny, cool. 7–14 A few showers, warm. 15–22 Sunny, warm. 23–26 T-storms, then sunny, cool. 27–31 Sunny, warm.

Region 4: Southeast

Temp. 69° (2° below avg.); precip. 4.5” (avg. north, 2” above south). 1–5 T-storms, then sunny, cool. 6–11 Scattered t-storms, cool. 12–22 A few t-storms, cool. 23–31 T-storms, then sunny, cool.

Region 5: Florida

Temp. 76° (1° below avg.); precip. 7” (3” above avg.). 1–10 Scattered t-storms, warm. 11–14 Tropical storm threat. 15–22 A few t-storms, cool. 23–29 Sunny north, t-storms south; cool. 30–31 Sunny.

Region 6: Lower Lakes

Temp. 61° (3° above avg.); precip. 2” (1.5” below avg.). 1–5 T-storms, then sunny. 6–8 T-storms. 9–21 Sunny, warm. 22–25 T-storms, cool. 26–27 Sunny, warm. 28–31 T-storms, then sunny, cool.

Region 7: Ohio Valley

Temp. 63° (1° above avg. east, 1° below west); precip. 3.5” (2” below avg. east, 2” above west). 1–5 Rain, then sunny, cool. 6–10 Rainy periods; warm, then cool. 11–21 Sunny, warm. 22–26 T-storms, then sunny, cool. 27–31 Scattered t-storms.

Region 8: Deep South

Temp. 71° (1° above avg. north, 1° below south); precip. 3” (2” below avg.). 1–3 Sunny, cool. 4–12 Scattered t-storms, cool. 13–23 Isolated t-storms, warm. 24–31 Sunny; cool, then hot.

Region 9: Upper Midwest

Temp. 61° (6° above avg.); precip. 2.5” (1” below avg. east, avg. west). 1–3 Sunny, cool. 4–13 Showers, then sunny, turning hot. 14–21 Sunny, hot east; a few t-storms, warm west. 22–25 T-storms, cool. 26–31 Sunny, warm.

Region 10: Heartland

Temp. 67° (3° above avg.); precip. 2.5” (2” below avg.). 1–7 Scattered t-storms, cool. 8–15 Sunny, warm. 16–22 A few t-storms, warm. 23–27 Sunny, turning hot. 28–31 Scattered t-storms, warm.

Region 11: Texas–Oklahoma

Temp. 72.5° (1° above avg. north, 2° below south); precip. 3” (2” below avg.). 1–7 Scattered t-storms, turning cool. 8–14 Sunny, warm. 15–22 A few t-storms north, sunny south; warm. 23–31 Sunny, turning hot north; a few t-storms south.

Region 12: High Plains

Temp. 61° (3° above avg.); precip. 2.5” (avg.). 1–5 Showers, cool. 6–10 Sunny, turning warm. 11–19 Rainy, cool north; sunny, warm south. 20–23 Sunny north, showers south; cool. 24–31 Isolated t-storms, warm.

Region 13: Intermountain

Temp. 60° (3° above avg.); precip. 1” (avg.). 1–8 Showers, then sunny, warm. 9–18 A few showers, then sunny, cool. 19–25 Sunny, warm. 26–31 Scattered showers; warm north, cool south.

Region 14: Desert Southwest

Temp. 73° (1° below avg.); precip. 1” (0.5” above avg.). 1–6 Sunny, nice. 7–10 Scattered t-storms, cool east; sunny, warm west. 11–17 T-storms, then sunny, cool. 18–22 Sunny, warm. 23–31 Scattered t-storms, turning cool.

Region 15: Pacific Northwest

Temp. 58° (3° above avg.); precip. 1.5” (0.5” below avg.). 1–7 Showers, then sunny, warm. 8–15 Rainy periods, cool. 16–21 Sunny, turning hot. 22–31 Sunny, warm.

Region 16: Pacific Southwest

Temp. 65.5° (2° above avg.); precip. 0.7” (0.2” above avg.). 1–8 Sunny, turning hot inland; A.M. clouds, P.M. sun coast. 9–13 Scattered showers, cool. 14–23 Sunny, turning hot inland; A.M. clouds and sprinkles, P.M. sun coast. 24–28 Sunny, warm. 29–31 Isolated showers, warm.

Region 17: Alaska

Temp. 20° N, 46° EW (1° below avg.); precip. 0.6” N, 3” S (avg.). 1–2 Sunny, mild. 3–10 Flurries north, sunny C+S; mild. 11–14 Showers, cool. 15–20 Sunny, warm. 21–31 Flurries and sprinkles N, a few showers C+S; cool.

Key: Panhandle (P), Aleutians (A), north (N), central (C), south (S), west-central (WC), east-central (EC), south-central (SC), elsewhere (EW)

Region 18: Hawaii

Temp. 77.5° (0.5° above avg.); precip. 0.3” (0.4” below avg.). 1–10 A few showers E, isolated showers C+W; warm. 11–15 Showers, cool E; sunny, warm C+W. 16–26 A few showers, warm. 27–31 Scattered showers, cool.

Key: east (E), central (C), west (W)


Canadian Forecasts for May 2017

Region 1: Atlantic Canada

Temp. 8.5°C (1°C above avg.); precip. 140mm (20mm above avg.). 1–6 Snowy periods east, a few showers west; cool. 7–9 Sunny, nice. 10–15 Rainy periods, warm. 16–25 Showers, cool. 26–31 Rainy periods.

Region 2: Southern Quebec

Temp. 13.5°C (1°C above avg.); precip. 45mm (20mm below avg.). 1–4 Sunny, cool. 5–12 Scattered showers, turning warm. 13–23 Sunny, warm. 24–31 A few showers, cool.

Région 2: Québec du Sud

Temp. 13,5°C (1°C au-dessus de la moy.); précip. 45mm (20mm en-dessous de la moy.). 1–4 Ensoleillé, frais. 5–12 Averses éparses, devenant chaud. 13–23 Ensoleillé, chaud. 24–31 Quelques averses, frais.

Region 3: Southern Ontario

Temp. 13.5°C (1°C above avg.); precip. 25mm (40mm below avg.). 1–11 A few showers, cool, then warm. 12–21 Sunny, warm. 22–31 Showers, cool, then warm.

Region 4: The Prairies

Temp. 13°C (3°C above avg.); precip. 30mm (10mm below avg.). 1–4 Sunny, cool. 5–12 A few showers; turning hot east, cool west. 13–20 Scattered showers; cool east, warm west. 21–26 Sunny, turning hot. 27–31 Isolated t-storms; hot east, warm west.

Region 5: Southern British Columbia

Temp. 12°C (1°C above avg.); precip. 20mm (30mm below avg.). 1–3 A few showers, cool. 4–8 Sunny, warm. 9–17 Scattered showers, mild. 18–28 Sunny, turning warm. 29–31 Showers, warm.

Region 6: Yukon

Temp. 6°C (1°C below avg.); precip. 20mm (10mm below avg.). 1–3 Sunny, warm. 4–18 Scattered showers and flurries, cool. 19–25 Isolated showers, warm. 26–31 Sunny, cool.

Region 7: Northwest Territories

Temp. 2°C (1°C below avg.); precip. 4mm (10mm below avg.). 1–6 Snow showers, cold north; sunny, mild south. 7–12 Flurries north, showers south; cool. 13–15 Sunny; cold north, warm south. 16–23 Flurries, seasonable north; sunny, warm south. 24–31 Sunny, mild.


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