Folklore about Bedbugs


1818 Bedbugs

To celebrate our 225th anniversary, we’re looking through our archives to bring you 225 pieces of wit, wisdom, and fun in a series we’re calling Almanac Treasures (see more of them here).

“In the first place, on the last Friday in May, when you go to bed, take the tip end of a mouse’s left ear, wrap it in a four-leaf clover. Fold them in a clean linen rag; then place the rag in some secret corner or niche in the house, where it will remain undisturbed. Next, take care to have your bedsteads well scoured and cleansed, and kept so during all summer, now and then rubbing a little ungentum with a feather into the holes. It is said this is a certain cure, and I have no great doubt of it.”


1818 Old Farmer's Almanac

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