Folklore about Light Brown, Long, Smooth Hair


Light Brown Long Smooth Hair

To celebrate our 225th anniversary, we’re looking through our archives to bring you 225 pieces of wit, wisdom, and fun in a series we’re calling Almanac Treasures (see more of them here).

Light brown, long smooth hair:

  • A man with this hair is of a peaceable, even, rather generous temper. Will prevent mischief if it is in his power, but will strike furiously when provoked. He will be sorry for his passion and will soon be appeased. Strongly attached to women and will protect them from any insult. Desirous of having money for the sake of doing good rather than hoarding. Any infidelity to his wife will be conducted discreetly. On the whole, of amiable character, affable and kind.
  • A woman will be tenderhearted, but hasty in her temper. Neither obstinate nor haughty, and whose inclinations to love will never be unreasonable. Of good constitution, but seldom very fortunate.


1816 Old Farmer's Almanac

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