Folklore about Long, Smooth Hair


Long smooth hair

To celebrate our 225th anniversary, we’re looking through our archives to bring you 225 pieces of wit, wisdom, and fun in a series we’re calling Almanac Treasures (see more of them here).

In men, long, dark, smooth hair signifies a robust constitution, obstinate in temper, eager in his pursuits, lover of the opposite sex, fond of variety in ordinary pursuits, exceedingly curious, and of a flexible disposition. Fickle in amusements, not long attached to any woman unless she take extraordinary pains to please him.

In women, it is nearly the same as in men, but more steady in her conduct and attachments especially in love. She will be of a good constitution, have many children, be much respected, and enjoy good health and a reasonable share of happiness.


1816 Old Farmer's Almanac

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